Narrative Landscape Editorial Internship / How to Apply
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Narrative Landscape Editorial Internship / How to Apply

Narrative Landscape Press is currently seeking applications for their eight-week editorial internship.

Narrative Landscape Press Limited was founded in 2016 by Anwuli Ojogwu and Eghosa Imasuen. The dream of the founders was to create a firm that could distil the essence of the publishing process and provide a service to other publishing houses and self-publishing authors within the Nigerian space.

They believe in the beauty of words, in truth that comes from the seamless elegance of beautiful art, design, and clean lines. Additionally, they believe that books, of all creative genres, serve this function. What can be truer than a line of exquisite poetry? What can be more inspiring to the imagination than the world of books?

Narrative Lansacpe Press is pleased to invite you to become an editorial intern with them. Participants will work remotely. The position is also open for eight weeks, starting from the 1st of October to the 30th of November. 

Submissions Guideline for Narrative Landscape Editorial Internship

Narrative Landscape Editorial Internship Poster


  • To apply, send an email to
  • Attach your resume with a short cover letter stating why you want to work with them.

If applying, learn about writing a proper cover letter for this application.

  • Note that only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.



Applications are open until the 23rd of September, 2023.

To know more about their editorial process, visit Narrative Landscape Press X Page.

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