Manawaker Flash Fiction Podcast/ How To Submit (Pay: $10)
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Manawaker Flash Fiction Podcast/ How To Submit (Pay: $10)

Manawaker Studio invites submissions for its Flash Fiction Podcast, now reading for Season 9, slated to run from February to December 2024. 

The podcast, hosted and produced by CB Droege, presents short-short stories to its audience, supported by Manawaker’s patrons on Patreon. With an emphasis on accessibility and engaging storytelling, the podcast provides a platform for writers to share their imaginative works with listeners worldwide. Interested authors are encouraged to submit their stories following the provided guidelines.


The Stories

  • Short stories of approximately 800 words are sought, although lengths ranging from 250 to 1500 words will be considered. 
  • All genres are welcome, but stories must be suitable for all ages, excluding erotica or gore-horror. 
  • Preference is given to sci-fi tales with a proper plot structure. 
  • While vignettes are accepted, stories with a clear beginning, middle, and end are preferred. Ensure that your story has a clear narrative arc.
  • Light-hearted stories are in demand, while submissions about the coronavirus pandemic will not be accepted.


Submission Guidelines For Manawaker Flash Fiction Podcast

  • Authors may submit up to three works at a time in various formats, including rtf, doc, docx, pdf, or pasted directly into the email. 
  • You won’t be rejected just because your format isn’t perfect. 
  • Whatever form you are already storing the stories in, is probably okay for them. As long as they can get it open, they’ll read it.
  • However, they will not accept any submissions in the form of links to other sites or services. This means: No medium drafts or google docs, etc.
  • Previously published works are accepted, provided proper credit is given. 
  • Submissions must not be AI-generated and simultaneous submissions are allowed, with prompt notification of withdrawal if rights become unavailable.
  • All submissions should be emailed to with ‘FFP Submission,’ the author’s last name, and the story title in the subject line. 
  • Include a pronunciation guide for the author’s name, a brief third-person bio, and relevant URLs for online portfolios or social media. 
  • Response times vary, but every submission receives a response. 
  • Queries should be directed to


Author Rights


If your work is accepted, you will grant Manawaker Studio the right to edit and produce the work non-exclusively as part of the weekly podcast (which is posted on the Manawaker website, iTunes podcast store, Google Music, Spotify, and several other aggregators which pull content from those services.) and in an audiobook collection, which may remain ‘in print’ indefinitely. 

The work or parts of it may also be used for promotional purposes by Manawaker Studio. At no point will Manawaker studio require any sort of exclusive rights to any story. Also, the original creator will retain all copyrights. 

If you are a translator submitting a translation of another author’s story, please include a copy of the contract showing that you have the rights to translate and distribute the other author’s work.

A sample contract sits here, if you are interested



Pay rates are per word (half for reprints), with a minimum of $3 (USD) and a maximum of $10



There is no submission deadline, as the project is ongoing.


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