17 Jun, 2024

Who we are

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The No. 1 Educational Resource Blog For Freelance Writers, Readers, Teachers, Publishers And Everyone In The Writing Business

Creative Writing News is the most reliable educational resource blog for stakeholders in the writing industry.

You don’t have to wonder what your favorite writers have been up to or what opportunities and jobs are available for creative writers. Our goal is to publish verified literary news , provide writing advice and tell you all we know about making money from writing, publishing and book promotion.

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  • We’ll encourage you on your writing and publishing journey. Our goal is to support and guide everyone who is trying to earn money from writing (this includes writing teachers, bookstore owners, publishers and readers).

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2 thoughts on “Who we are

  1. Your website displayed a message saying “checking your browser” before showing me the page I had asked for. What does that mean?

    If I had been using the “wrong” browser would you have refused to show me the page?

    Were you checking my viewing history to see whether I was a “suitable” person for reading your webpages?

    Are you aware that this message is disturbing and sinister?

    Or perhaps you were just checking my browser so as to present a version of the website that would be compatible with my software?

    Although, if you just did your bit of snooping without telling me, I wouldn’t have been disturbed. In wonder if it is routine now to check up on surfers to see if they are fit to be customers?

    1. Hi Robin, Our website was recently under attack and our hosting company advised us to take measures to stop the attack and prevent future attack. We are not snooping on you, the security level we activated on the website is obviously the reason you now see “checking your browser”.

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