16 Jul, 2024

Narrative Arc, Story Arc, Plot Arc and Character Arc (Definitions + Examples + Tips For Creating A Narrative Arc In Your Story)

What is a story arc? Does it mean the same thing as narrative arc or plot arc? These are questions many budding and professional writers often ask. And they are very important questions too. Storytelling arcs help to make great stories memorable and outstanding. In this article, Charles Opara will give apt narrative arc definitions. […]

20 mins read

Win a Spot at the Iceland Writers Retreat/ How to Apply (Prize: Accommodation + more)

The Iceland Writers Retreat has partnered with the Radisson Blu Saga Hotel to offer one person a free spot at the Iceland Writers Retreat, which is scheduled to hold in April-May 2020. The winner will receive four nights’ accommodation at the Radisson Blu Saga Hotel and will be offered admission to all events of the […]

1 min read

How Long Is A Short Story?: A Guide On How To Write A Short Story.

The short story form is in high demand. Many writers want to learn how to write a short story. Also, many writers wonder how long is a short story? In this article, Tega explains everything he learned from prolific writer TJ Benson. Wrapped in short story examples are nuggets on short story outlines, elements writing […]

21 mins read