26 May, 2024

Passing Film Explained: Review Of The Movie Adaptation Of Nella Larson’s Novel.

Nominated by Time Magazine as one of the best movies of 2021, ”Passing” is a masterpiece. But this film is so complicated, it deserves to be explained and reviewed, hence the massive online search for “Passing Film Explained”. Particularly, the ambiguous ending. If this wasn’t the case, “Passing film ending” and “Passing film summary” won’t […]

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A Literary Analysis of Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness And Its Influence On Chinua Achebe.

Like in Most of Literatures of the Empires there is Racism in Joseph Conrad’s  Heart of Darkness  The Saturday Nation in Nairobi has been intermittently publishing discourses about Joseph Conrad the author of Heart of Darkness. On 15th January 2017, it published a page-long article about Chinua Achebe and Joseph Conrad, the article was written by Mr. […]

12 mins read

“Commonwealth Foundation Should Focus on Putting the Youths in Professional and Enterprise Leadership Positions,” Says Alexander Opicho

The Commonwealth Foundation is the Commonwealth’s agency for civil society. They support people’s participation in democracy and development. In this article, Alexander Opicho, intends to suggest more the foundation can do, for the betterment of all. The London based Commonwealth Foundation has enticing leadership programs.  This year, the Foundation held a critical conversation on how […]

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Diana Woods Memorial Award in Creative Nonfiction 2020/ How To Submit (250$ + Publication)

Lunch Ticket has announced that it would be honored to serve as the host for the Diana Woods Memorial Award in Creative Nonfiction in 2020. The award was named after Author Diana Woods who, during her lifetime, exuded unwavering intellectual commitment and zeal, pursuing and receiving secondary degrees in law, social work, political science, and most recently, creative writing. […]

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Learning to Un-Worry, On Reading Dale Carnegie’s “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living”.

Until very recently, I didn’t know how to stop worrying. I worry about everything I can think up. I refreshed my email so many times a day that if it, my email, had a kind of hand, it would have run a fist into my face for not letting it rest. I worried about the […]

14 mins read

Recommended Short Stories You Can Read Online. This Edition Features Stories by Simbiat Haroun, Adams Adeosun, and Chidiebube onye Okohia

Some short stories make you cry, others make you gasp. But there are some that just show you something and that’s all they do. This week’s recommended stories include stories by Simbiat Haroun, an alumnus of the 2018 Purple Hibiscus Creative Writing Trust, Adams Adeosun whose “Beloved” (published in “Limbe to Lagos”) is so achingly […]

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