20 Jun, 2024

10 MBA Personal Statement Examples: How To Write An Application Essay That Will Impress Ivy League Business School Admissions Committees. {Tips + Samples}

Figuring out what to include in your MBA personal statement can be tough. But you can write an impressive MBA essay if you read successful goal statements that have followed the correct format. In this article, Dorian Martins guides business school applicants on: how to write an MBA application essay, what to include in an […]

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A Literary Analysis of Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness And Its Influence On Chinua Achebe.

Like in Most of Literatures of the Empires there is Racism in Joseph Conrad’s  Heart of Darkness  The Saturday Nation in Nairobi has been intermittently publishing discourses about Joseph Conrad the author of Heart of Darkness. On 15th January 2017, it published a page-long article about Chinua Achebe and Joseph Conrad, the article was written by Mr. […]

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“Commonwealth Foundation Should Focus on Putting the Youths in Professional and Enterprise Leadership Positions,” Says Alexander Opicho

The Commonwealth Foundation is the Commonwealth’s agency for civil society. They support people’s participation in democracy and development. In this article, Alexander Opicho, intends to suggest more the foundation can do, for the betterment of all. The London based Commonwealth Foundation has enticing leadership programs.  This year, the Foundation held a critical conversation on how […]

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Everything You Need To Know About Ben Peter’s New Titles, Get Set, March And Clearing Your Mental Deck

Ben Peter,an internationally known business executive and leadership scholar, has just released two inspirational non-fiction titles. His new books are titled, Get Set, March and Clearing Your Mental Deck. Both books are a must-read for everyone who wants to excel in business, and life as a whole. This prolific author, and business development expert outperformed […]

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SBMEN’s 2020 Creative Writing Workshop For Women Is Supported By Ford Foundation / How To Apply

Society for Book and Magazine Editors of Nigeria (SBMEN) is proud to announce its Virtual Creative Writing Workshop for young female writers.   The aim of the SBMEN Creative Writing Workshop For Women  is to: enhance the skills and talent of female writers; explore the literary works of inspiring female writers and provide a platform for female writers […]

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