Upskilling With Edtech Tools: All You Need To Know About  Writing Certifications
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Upskilling With Edtech Tools: All You Need To Know About  Writing Certifications

Are you a writer who wants to upskill? Completing a course and getting a writing certification can bring you one step closer to landing the writing job of your dreams. 

Choosing the right writing course can be very daunting for both early career and established writers. In this article, Haley shares tips on how writers can upskill using edtech tools and platforms. She also shares the best ed tech tools for writers and writing certifications that can open up visitas of opportunities..


Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Upskilling And Getting  Writing Certifications


Technology plays a big role in how we interact with others and the society around us. As it continues to advance, it’s important that we use technology to our advantage, especially when it comes to upskilling . 

Educational technology, in particular, can make a tremendous difference when it comes to building better writing students and employees. This way of learning creative writing reframes how we approach career advancement and prepare ourselves for the future.

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As a writer, you can use Edtech to your benefit by completing online writing certifications. With any position in the writing industry, part of our job is constantly learning. 

Not only will certifications develop your writing skills, but they can also distinguish you from other candidates when applying for positions. Down below we cover how Edtech can boost your career, and how writing certifications can be of benefit to you.

What is Edtech?

Edtech is software material designed to develop the skills of individuals in a particular field of interest. Most of us were introduced to Edtech in the classroom at a young age but may have never noticed it.

For instance, playing with computer games as a child is a perfect example of educational technology at play. Reading on your phone, tablet or PC? That’s edtech too.

A Writing Course Is Worth The Time and Effort: Here’s Why.

An Edtech-AcquireD Writing Certification Improves Your Resume:

Nowadays, most people use Edtech to build out their resumes and further deepen their knowledge of a subject matter. If you’re looking to acquire more writing certificates, then perhaps you need to sign up on some edtech platforms.

Writing Courses Provide Opportunities For You To Upskill.

With Edtech tools, writers can conveniently learn new skills and hone their craft. Take a writing course if you want to excel as a writer. 

Improves your chances of getting writing jobs and creative writing scholarships and grants.

A growing body of evidence suggests that human resource managers prefer to hire writers who have writing certifications. In fact, grad school admissions committee members are likely to admit students who have attended writing workshops and writing courses. So if you want the gatekeepers to take you seriously, complete some writing courses. Get some writing certifications.

How Edtech Can Advance Your Writing Career 

Provides A Great Opportunity To Beef Up Your Resume.

If you’ve been laid off due to the pandemic or are just an upcoming writer with little experience, you may be looking for ways to flesh out your resume.

Helps You Maximize Your Time As A Writer.

Now more than ever we are limited in the ways we can connect with others and learn new skills. As a result, more writers are using their free time to complete writing certifications. 

Gives You A Chance To Make A Good Impression On Employers.

These certifications work great for filling in the empty spaces in your resume. As mentioned, going the extra step with Edtech will distinguish you from other candidates when applying for jobs.

This happens because:

  • employers will see that you are taking the extra time out of your busy schedule to advance your career as a writer.
  • It’s a reflection of self-discipline.
  • It shows dedication  to your writing craft.

The Best Writing Courses On Edtech Platforms.

There are many different options you can choose from when looking for writing classes or writing certifications.

Are you confused about where to begin? Don’t worry. We are here to help. You can start from any of the following are five paths.


Microlearning is a great option for those with busy schedules ahead of them. This style of Edtech focuses on smaller sized lessons to learn different kinds of skills. The lessons you engage in are typically interactive and enjoyable.

Many microlearning platforms come in mobile applications, making the course easily accessible to you. This way, you can simply pick up another lesson when you find yourself waiting around or with nothing to do. 

For example, Duolingo is an application that uses microlearning to teach people different languages. This platform may be of interest to you if you are considering writing in a different language or to a different audience.

Massive Open Online Courses (Or MooCs)

Completing massive open online courses is one of the best ways to achieve a writing certification. These courses are designed by both universities and Fortune 500 corporations.

Some examples of companies that offer these kinds of courses include Google and Linkedin. They are also usually offered to the public for free, which is great if you are looking to stay under a budget. 

The University of Iowa’s International Writing Program has some free MOOCs you might want to explore.


writing certificateWhile these courses are administered by external organizations, there is no added pressure to complete the course under a specific time frame. They are designed for you to work through them at your own pace and own schedule.

Also, there are hundreds of different course options to choose from. You can either further develop your skills in one area, or branch out into other aspects of writing.

Here are some massive open online course platforms for you to dig deeper in:


Multidirectional Training

Multidirectional training is a more popular route for once you are already working in the writing industry. When you join a company or team, the training you receive is often only pertinent to what you are responsible for in your position.

You may be excelling in your current field, but lacking in other areas of writing unknown to you. For instance, a play writer’s work may not provide training or knowledge on how to write blog posts. These are two completely different areas of writing.

With Edtech, individuals can bridge this gap between what they do know and what they want to know on their own time. This can help with moving up in the workplace, or also facilitate an easier transition between two different areas of writing. Some workplaces are also becoming more aware of the benefits of multidirectional training, and are beginning to offer it to employees.

Blended Learning

Blended learning is a combination of in-person learning with extra online supplementation. This is a great option for those who learn better in more than one learning environment.

Due to the recent pandemic, many schools have already started adopting blended learning into their framework. Classrooms were transitioned to operate primarily online, with the option of some being in person if needed.

This style of learning can be adopted in the workplace as well. You may be able to write for your company from home, but need to go into the office every once in a while for meetings and training.

Companies are also becoming much more favorable to this because it saves them a lot of money.

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Having an office space can get quite expensive, so having your team operate remotely can save a lot of rent costs.

Career Development

When it comes to using Edtech to advance your writing career, you are the one in control of your learning. You can take these courses at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home.

In the workplace or the classroom, everything is structured with a designated deadline. Learning is less personalized and more structured to the group as a whole.

Learning with Edtech can also help prioritize your goals more efficiently. What’s great about this form of learning is that you can pick skills that you want to work on and develop yourself.

This can help you and your writing stand out from the rest of your colleagues. 

Expand Your Horizons

You can use online writing certifications to expand your knowledge into different industries as well. For example, writing poetry is very different from writing short stories.

There are different techniques and styles associated with both types of writing. Take some time to think about different genres of writing you have been interested in over the years.

It’s never too late to learn something new. You may even be surprised that it can help you with your writing as a whole. 

Some writers also use Edtech to help them become much more knowledgeable on topics they write about. Writing can be extremely difficult if you aren’t too familiar with the topic at hand.

It may even decrease your credibility with your audience when they are reading your piece. If you are writing about how people make decisions, consider picking up an online writing course dealing with psychology or human behavior.

This will help flesh out your writing at a much faster pace than if you weren’t to take the course.

You may even find yourself interested in applying for a specific brand that is very focused on one area. Take the fashion industry for instance.

You can be an amazing writer, but not know very much about clothes or upcoming fashion trends. This will most likely make you appear as not the best candidate for this particular position.

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Before applying or going into the interview, take a free online course on fashion. This way, you have material you can pull out in front of your potential employer to show your background in the industry. 

How is Edtech Growing?

Edtech is continuously growing and developing at a rapid pace. The way we approach learning and career advancement also change as a result.

The Edtech industry is increasing in revenue as more organizations adopt it into their teaching techniques. Likewise, higher amounts of people are predicted to be using Edtech in the coming years. As the industry increases in popularity, many people won’t want to be left behind.

The rise in educational technology has led to the adoption of gamification techniques when learning. Gamification style courses are structured with rewards as you progress throughout the writing course.

This can keep you motivated at times where you don’t want to continue. In some instances, hitting specific benchmarks has been known to lead to higher productivity rates when learning.

Distanced learning has also become the new norm for many of us in school and at work. This abrupt need for change has caused the world to learn how to adapt very quickly.

As a result, more technology has been developed to fit the needs of our new way of learning. While distanced learning may be a battle for some, it can be very beneficial to other students.

Not everyone is fully capable of coming into the classroom or workplace for their own personal reasons. Distanced learning and Edtech have shown us that education can be available from anywhere and anytime. 

5 Best Edtech Platforms Every Writer Should Take Seriously.

It can be of your benefit to keep up with how the Edtech industry is growing. This can help you find more opportunities to benefit you in your writing.

The following are a few Edtech blogs you can subscribe to if of any interest to you:



Wrap Up On Upskilling and Getting Writing Certifications With Edtech Tools.


Educational technology is reframing the way we look at learning. More opportunities are right at our fingertips to help us advance throughout our careers. As a writer, you can benefit extremely from completing online writing certifications. 

  • This can work to flesh out your resume,
  • develop your writing skills,
  • and give you an extra edge against the competition.
  • it can also help you in writing about certain topics you may know very little about.

Employers have wholeheartedly adopted technology in their teaching efforts because :

  • it’s much more cost-effective and efficient.
  • Employees can facilitate learning at their own pace and schedule. 

People are busy and often struggle with fitting more into their schedules. This is why many employers are transitioning their in-person orientation meetings into online module courses. 


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