Under the Baobab Tree : An anthology of Ghost and Ghost Related stories
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Under the Baobab Tree : An anthology of Ghost and Ghost Related stories

Under the Baobab Tree : An anthology of Ghost and Ghost Related stories is an anthology that aims at reawakening the ghostlure literature with the help of great writers. This is why the organizers have announced a call for submission. The deadline is 30th December 2020.


Ghostlure is a sub genre of literature that deals with stories about ghosts and their interactions with human persons in the corporeal world. Ghostlure is folkloric and shares borders with the folktale, however, in prioritizing stories about ghosts, it departs significantly from other genres of folklore.


This contest seeks a reawakening ghostlure as a major component of literature.


Who is Eligible to Enter for Under the Baobab Tree Anthology

  1. There is no age restriction
  2. No entry fee has been placed.
  3. All writers are welcome to participate.


Under the Baobab Tree Anthology

Submission Guidelines for Under the Baobab Tree Anthology

  1. Entries are open to short stories of more than 3000 words.
  2. The stories must be properly edited before being sent in.
  3. Send in entires to ghostloreanthology2020@gmail.com
  4. Submit your entries with a biography/ short introduction that is written in third person.
  5. Submission should be in word document.
  6. The deadline is 30th December, 2020.
  7. Notification of acceptance would be sent out in January 2021.
  8. Submissions must be in English.
  9. Submissions must reflect the theme.
  10. Only one submission per writer is allowed.
  11. The submission should be in Microsoft Word (doc, docx) and in the following format:


  1. Double-spaced, Times New Roman or Calibri font, 12-point size.


  1. The title of the story should appear at the top of the first page followed by the word count. No further information is required.


  1. Every page must be numbered.


12. The author’s name or detail must not be included anywhere on the document to be uploaded. The document must contain only the title, word count, and story. All entries are judged anonymously.


13 . Entries must not have been previously published or shortlisted for another prize. Also, entries published or shortlisted during the judging or publishing process will be disqualified


14. Entrants agree as a condition of entry that the prize organizers may publicize the fact that a story has been entered, long listed, or shortlisted for the prize.



A copy of the anthology would be given to the winner.



Good Luck!

2 thoughts on “Under the Baobab Tree : An anthology of Ghost and Ghost Related stories

  1. There seems to be a confusion about the length of the ghost story. While the extract above says”not more than 3000 words,” the guidelines below it says “more than 3000 words.”
    Which one is correct?

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