Praxis #EndSARs Anthology (How to Submit)

Nov 3, 2020by Chiamaka1

Praxis Magazine invites writers and thinkers to submit their essays and think pieces as a way to partake in this fight to end the evil of SARS and police brutality in Nigeria.

This is an essential way to document this crucial moment in Nigerian history. We can write about the direction of these protests, and what, ultimately, it means to be living in Nigeria now, so we are not left with only random on-the-spot tweets and online posts.

This picture is for some of the people that we have lost in this fight, just a small amount of the people we are fighting for:

Praxis #ensars anthology


Eligibility for the Praxis #EndSARs Anthology Submission

  • Anyone that is partaking in this fight for freedom
  • Anyone that has anything to say about this revolution
  • Essays can range from 1000 to 2500 words.
  • Essay should be submitted via email to [email protected]
  • The subject of the email should “#EndSARS Essays”
  • Attach work as MS Document

Note: We understand the precarious situation that has risen out of the #EndSARS protests. We do not urge writers submitting essays to put their lives on the line because of this call for submission.

Our words are TY Bello’s in her song “The Future”: Carry the song, carry the sound. The future indeed has come.

We have added a video highlighting the protest, you can click here for it.

Good Luck!


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