Defector Media Is Accepting Pitches/ How To Submit (Pay: $1,000 – $500)
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Defector Media Is Accepting Pitches/ How To Submit (Pay: $1,000 – $500)

Defector Media is a distinctive employee-owned sports and culture website born out of a desire to counter the flaws in modern media. 

It stands apart by delving into sports, politics, TV, movies, internet oddities, and other topics that intrigue its staff. They prioritizing genuine reader engagement over mere clicks.

Defector stands as a beacon of integrity in a troubled media landscape. They aim to offer writers a platform where their voices are valued and respected. If you are having a problem with your writing, please read this article: How to Overcome Writer’s Block (10 Tips + Personal Examples) 


General Information

  • Defector is a subscription-based platform committed to producing quality content that reflects the authentic interests of its audience.
  • The platform values independence and aims to provide a daily destination for its readers, offering substantial, meaningful work rather than disposable “content.”
  • A structured grievance procedure, in partnership with the National Writers Union, ensures fair resolution of any freelancer concerns.
  • Defector pledges to review and revise its policies in collaboration with freelancers and the National Writers Union regularly.


Pitching and Submission Guidelines For Defector Media

  • The pitch guide offers valuable insights and examples of successful pitches.


Editorial Process

  • Defector values diversity and equity among its freelancers and commits to promoting these principles.
  • The pitching, assigning, editing, and publishing process is transparent and outlined to ensure clarity for freelancers.
  • Freelancers have the opportunity to review and approve final versions of their work before publication.


Author Rights

  • Freelancers retain ownership of their work, with Defector acquiring first North American serial rights upon sale of the submission.
  • Freelancers also have the right to republish their work after 90 days with appropriate credits to Defector.


Rates and Payment At Defector Media 

  • Defector Media compensates writers fairly. Longer essays and reported pieces start at a minimum of $1,000 and shorter pieces at a minimum of $500.
  • Payment for accepted submissions is issued promptly. The remaining 50% of the negotiated rate will be paid within 30 days of publication.


Safety and Legal Protections

  • Defector prioritizes the safety and well-being of freelancers, providing support and resources as needed.
  • The publication commits to creating a work environment free of harassment and discrimination.
  • For inquiries, tips, or support, freelancers can reach out to Defector through various channels listed on their website.


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