Alien Dimensions Submission / How to Submit (Payment: $20 per piece)
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Alien Dimensions Submission / How to Submit (Payment: $20 per piece)

Alien Dimensions is seeking science fiction or speculative fiction writers for their 25th Issue.

Alien Dimensions is a space fiction short stories anthology series featuring amazing authors from around the world.

The #25 will be a themed issue. The theme? OFFICIAL FIRST CONTACT. Imagine first contact happening at the end of 2026 or beginning of 2027. How would humanity deal with that?

Things to Note
  • Set mostly off Earth around 2026-2027.
  • Set in a place that is hard to imagine. Completely alien. Perhaps meetings are on the other side of an interdimensional portal.
  • Aliens that are humanoid but not quite. Eg. No need for a toilet. They expel their waste through hairs on their skin, which may mean we have trouble with the smell. Or perhaps they’re just ‘slightly’ taller. 300cm?
  • To write accurately based on the theme given you should know more about theme in fiction.

Alien Dimensions Submission about

Guidelines for Alien Dimensions Submission

  • Email your submission to submissions(@)
  • 5000 to 7000 words. It’s okay to be a bit under or over. Consider the academic 10% leeway rule.
  • Fast-paced.
  • Eloquently written for audiences to understand.
  • At least one great idea. Big Dumb Objects are even better.
  • Preferably written in the third person (or if you prefer first person writing, do a lot of head jumping, and include lots of dialogue between multiple characters).
  • Set in the future, at least 100 years hence. Happier with 1000 years hence. Let’s avoid 20th/21st century baggage and just tell an original story. (This rule can be forgotten for the Official First Contact themed issue #25.) 

If you need story ideas, check out this post on how to get inspiration.

  • Some kind of non-humanoid aliens present, usually friendly. Utopian more than dystopian.
  • More alien worlds, more non-humanoid characters. E.G.: intellectual bacteria, plants with tentacles, a conscious galaxy, or some other not even vaguely humanoid creature / energy being. Do your best to create something non-anthropomorphic.
  • End on a positive note (aim for it, but if it is impossible, I’ll still consider it, if the story is good).
  • PG 13. No sexual orientation-themed stories as the focus is on intellect, science and procedure, not emotions or romance. Though, if you have a story where it is the protagonist’s sexual orientation that is crucial to the plot, I may consider it.


Accepted entries are paid US$20 flat rate paid via Paypal.


Submission closes on the 15th of September, 2023

If you are interested, find out more on Alien Dimensions X (Formerly Twitter) Page. Good luck.

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