Travel Writing Competition 2022 / How to Submit (Prize; $300)

For its 2022 Travel writing competition, Intrepid Times is inviting travelers and writers from all countries, at all levels of writing experience, to explore this idea. The theme for this year’s competition is; The Wrong Turn.

Sometimes, travelers, make decisions that take them to unintended directions. These wrong turns may be as simple as going left when we should go right, taking the local bus when we know we should fly, or deciding to head off in a random direction for a long weekend away.
The decisions we make don’t always pan out in the way we had hoped, but these mistakes can turn into meaningful travel experiences that lead to new discoveries or connections and also helps to cultivate a growing sense of adventure. Sometimes our wrong turns ultimately teach us the right lessons.

This is what intrepid travels wants you to write about in this writing competition.


Eligibility for the Travel Writing Competition

  • The entry is free.
  • The contest is open to writers world wide.

Travel Writing Competition 2022

Submission Guidelines

  • Write an original, travel story about a time you made a decision or took a risk while traveling that got you lost, landed you somewhere you didn’t intend, or led to a new discovery, realization, or connection.
  • It should be in first person. 
  • The word count should range  is between 1000 and 1500 words.
  • Editors will be looking for originality, voice, and a satisfying story that captures attention and makes use of imagery to pull the reader along at every step.
  • One winner and up to three runners-up will be selected and have their work published on Intrepid Times.
  • The deadline to submit your writing for the “Wrong Turns Travel Writing Competition” is April 30, 2022.Your submission will be considered on its merits. You will not receive feedback on your writing unless you are selected as a winner or runner-up.
  • Submissions should be made to the official site. 


Prizes for the Travel Writing Competition 

  • The winner will be paid a cash-prize of US $150, while the runners up will be paid US $50.


  • Winners and runners-up will be announced in June, and payment will be made to each winner/finalist on the day their selected story is published.

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