Cassava Republic Set To Accept Submissions In April –Apply

Writers! I have good news! Cassava Republic would begin accepting manuscripts again from April 30th , 2018.
So what are you waiting for? Go and dig out that manuscript that you’ve buried with the aid of self-doubt. Check those punctuations, and get it ready for submission. Cassava Republic is interested in diverse stories that narrate contemporary experiences in the African worlds in an engaging , inspiring, empowering and most importantly, in an original way. They are also especially interested in those uncharted areas such as: speculative fiction, fantasy, crime and diverse sexualities.
Sadly, they do not publish plays, poetry, management, self-help or religious books.
Please note that they have dedicated an entire series to crime which would be published under Cassava Crime.
Also, all romance submissions should be directed to Ankara Press.
We at Creative Writing News wish all interested writers good luck.

Click here for submission guidelines.

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