14 Jun, 2024

Speculative Fiction: Everything You Need To Know About This Genre {Definitions + Tips + Examples + Opportunities.}

Speculative fiction is becoming more and more popular. Many budding and professional writers are constantly trying to break into this fantastic genre. If you’re new to SpecFic, you’re probably wondering, what is speculative fiction? Or what are the best examples of speculative fiction?  Horror, science fiction, alternate history, and black speculative fiction all fall under […]

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Recommended Stories You Can Read Online, Featuring Stories by Erica Sugo Anyadike, Adorah Nworah, and Helon Habila.

In the introduction to “The Collected Stories of Mavis Gallunt”, she wrote: “There is something I keep wanting to say about reading short stories. I am doing it now, because I may never have another occasion. Stories are not chapters of novels. They should not be read one after another, as if they were meant […]

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Write for The Sunlight Press; (Earn: $25 per piece) —Apply

The Sunlight Press is a calling for writers of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, reviews. They also welcome photography and reflections of artists on their crafts. According to their site: “We want to hear the ways people turn toward light and hope, whether it is through the arts, culture, spirituality, or humor, and also how they respond […]

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Apply For The Society Of Authors Grants —

The Society of Authors: Contingency Funds These grants are for contingencies, to help professional writers who need a boost. The grants can be for a variety of things, including replacing a failing computer or supporting writing careers affected by illness or a domestic situation. Specific grants are also available for poets and women journalists. The […]

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Nigeria’s Literary Sphere: The Major Highlights of 2018

By Izunna Okafor It is no longer a novelty that every calendar year wakes up and sleeps off with a natural book of many pages. Pages of dreams and visions, pages of imaginations and realities, pages of successes and failures, pages of joy and sorrow, pages of progress and regress, pages of victories and losses, […]

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The Masters Review Is Accepting Short Stories and Essays For Its New Voices Category–Apply (Pay: $200 per piece)

The Masters Reviews review is currently accepting short stories and creative non-fiction for their forthcoming publication. What makes them unique is that they encourage budding writers. In fact, the Masters Review prides itself as a “Platform for Emerging Writers.”. There is no entry fee for their “New Voices” category. Who Is Eligible to Apply? Writers who […]

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