Opportunity For Writers: The HerStories Project (Prize award: $80 and higher) –Apply
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Opportunity For Writers: The HerStories Project (Prize award: $80 and higher) –Apply

Are you a GEN X woman?

GEN X: anyone between their late thirties and late fifties)
You are? Well The Herstories Project would love to hear your unique stories and personal experiences about what it’s like to be a woman at midlife. It could range from your experience with work, marriage, kids, achieving goals, anything at all. Apart from personal essays, they also consider opinion pieces and informational articles or features.
Yes!!! Writers get paid up to $80 (US) for personal essays and opinion pieces. Pay is negotiated for longer feature pieces.
Please note that they do not accept previously published work and yes this includes personal blogs. If you send your piece to multiple publications, be sure to let them know if it gets accepted somewhere else.
How To Submit?
1. Send your completed piece to submissions@herstoriesproject.com in an email (no attachments).
2. Include a short bio (2-3 sentences long)
3. 2-3 links to other published works (if any)

Also, if you’re submitting a feature article, pitch your ideas to submissions@herstoriesproject.comand write PITCH in the ‘subject line’
Go ahead and start turning in those articles!

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