The Intercept Is Accepting Submissions/ Submission Guidelines (Pay: $1 per word)
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The Intercept Is Accepting Submissions/ Submission Guidelines (Pay: $1 per word)

The Intercept is a prominent news platform that offers an opportunity for freelance writers and journalists to contribute to its diverse array of topics without any entry fees.

Before submitting your work, it is crucial to understand the publication’s approach to stories and the significance of originality, research, and impact.



General Submission Guidelines For The Intercept 

The Intercept predominantly features content from staff reporters and columnists but also welcomes contributions from freelancers.

To submit a proposal, email it to, ensuring the subject line reflects your pitch.

Please, craft a concise pitch in the email body, outlining the story’s originality, research, and your suitability for the topic.

While the publication occasionally accepts completed articles or videos, it strongly prefers pitches.

You can expect a response from them within a few days if your pitch is of interest.

If your pitch gets accepted, a decision will be communicated to you shortly thereafter.

Provide links to your previous work, and if pitching to the opinion section (Voices), specify it in the subject line.

Freelancers are considered when there is a coverage gap or if they present a compelling investigative story or a unique perspective within The Intercept’s focus areas, including Politics, Justice, National Security, World, Technology, Environment, Special Investigations, and Voices.

If you are interested in being considered for assignments, there is an option (on their website) to fill out a form, providing background information and explaining why you are well-positioned to cover your beat or beats for The Intercept.

The publication values understanding its approach, ensuring pitches align with its mission, and maintaining an inclusive relationship with freelancers.


Author Rights


In collaboration with the National Writers Union, The Intercept follows principles to establish an equitable professional relationship with freelance contributors.




According to payment reports, The Intercept compensates freelancers up to $1.00 per word. More questions? You can visit their website.




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