The Logic Is Accepting Submissions/ How To Submit (Payment: $1 per word)
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The Logic Is Accepting Submissions/ How To Submit (Payment: $1 per word)

The Logic is a prominent platform covering Canada’s innovation economy. They welcome journalists to contribute to its diverse range of content. 

This article provides an overview of essential information for potential contributors, addressing general submission guidelines, eligibility criteria, author rights, payment details, and more.


Submission Guidelines For The Logic

To share your ideas and pitches, reach out to them at 

They value investigative and feature stories that delve into Canada’s innovation landscape, covering areas such as tech, business, and public policy. 

Your pitches should showcase familiarity with their past coverage, incorporate evidence of original research, and highlight the reporter’s credentials. 

Only pitches, not completed articles, should be submitted, and attachments are discouraged. 

They strive to respond within a week, after which you are free to explore other opportunities.

The Logic is interested in pitches that focus on Canada’s innovation economy, emphasizing tech, business, public policy, and their intersections. 

Contributors can expect competitive rates, and prompt payments are made upon publication. 

They encourage prospective writers to understand their editorial preferences and align their pitches accordingly.


Author Rights


Authors submitting content to The Logic retain the rights to their work. Their platform values originality and respects the intellectual property of our contributors. 

They aim to foster a collaborative relationship with their authors while showcasing their insights to their audience.




Their payment process is efficient, ensuring contributors receive compensation promptly upon the publication of their work. 

According to payment reports, they pay $1 per word. The Logic acknowledges the efforts of journalists and values their contributions to their platform.


Contact Information


For specific inquiries or clarifications, their team can be reached through various channels, including email and phone (see website). For secure communication, potential sources are encouraged to refer to their “Become a Source” page. Other contact details, including email addresses for payments, subscriber support, and general inquiries, are listed on their website.

In conclusion, The Logic provides a dynamic platform for journalists to contribute impactful stories to Canada’s innovation narrative. By adhering to their submission guidelines and understanding their editorial focus, contributors can engage with a platform that values originality, prompt payments, and collaboration. For further information or inquiries, feel free to explore their website or reach out to their dedicated team.




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