The Progress Network Is Accepting Submissions/ How To Submit ($250 -$650)
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The Progress Network Is Accepting Submissions/ How To Submit ($250 -$650)

The Progress Network is a movement envisioning a brighter future amidst a world filled with pessimistic voices.

They are inviting writers to submit their original written work. This article provides an overview of their pitch and submission guidelines.

Submission Guidelines For The Progress Network

  • The Progress Network welcomes a variety of content, including substantive good news, solutions journalism stories, constructive opinions on current affairs, and progress-oriented takes on historical, psychological, philosophical, and cultural themes.
  • They accept diverse formats such as reported articles, opinion essays, think pieces, interviews, reviews, and even listicles.
  • The Network seeks stories that go beyond adorable pet rescues and specifically values scalable or applicable good news.
  • They appreciate counterintuitive opinions on current affairs and encourage perspectives that challenge mainstream narratives.
  • The focus is on success stories, underreported research, and viewpoints crucial for shaping a better future.
  • Writers interested in contributing should send a brief pitch (less than three paragraphs) to
  • The pitch should include links to previous work or a short biography highlighting why the writer is suitable for the piece.
  • The Network accepts both pitches and already written pieces, provided they have not been previously published.
  • As a small team, the Progress Network acknowledges potential delays in response times. Contributors are encouraged not to be surprised by a longer wait for an answer.

What They Want

The Network is interested in a range of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Tanzania ending the ban on pregnant girls in school
  • Africa’s growing independence
  • Progressive perspectives on welcoming “wokeness” to the military
  • Unique stories like Hamburg’s city-run department store for recycled goods

What They Don’t Want

While they are nonpartisan and accept views from across the political spectrum, the Network is generally uninterested in pieces solely focused on political strategy.

Does The Progress Network Pay Contributors?

Contributors can expect compensation ranging from $250 to $650, depending on the length of the submission and whether it includes original content.

More questions? Please visit their website.


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