Scholarship For Writers:  Iceland Writers Retreat Alumni Award 2019—Apply
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Scholarship For Writers: Iceland Writers Retreat Alumni Award 2019—Apply

If you are a talented writer who needs financial support to attend the Iceland Writers retreat in Reykjavík, you might want to consider applying for the Iceland Writers Retreat Alumni Award. Thanks to the generous alumni and supporters who have contributed enough for the organizers to offer at least three full and two partial Iceland Writers Retreat Alumni Awards to attend the literary event in April, 2019.

Who Is Eligible to Apply For This Award

  • Writers aged 18 or over by April 3, 2019.
  • The candidate(s) must demonstrate financial need as regards to their inability to attend the retreat.
  • Budding and professional writers who are interested in developing their writing skills and publishing contacts.
  • Those whose writing interests  fit well with the faculty for the 2019 retreat (i.e. literary fiction, non-fiction, memoir). For instance, if you are fundamentally a poet, you should state this clearly in your application about why attending workshops that focus on literary fiction and non-fiction will be beneficial to you.
  • Most importantly, writers who send in their application before the 31st October 2018 deadline.

All You Need To Know About This Award (Category, Coverage and so on)

Applicants can apply for either full or partial funding. Full funding covers all participation in the Iceland Writers Retreat, including accommodation. The scholarship also includes round-trip flights to Iceland.

Partial funding covers only participant fees.

It is advisable that you apply for the most suitable category for you. Writers who apply for full funding are very unlikely to be considered for a partial award.

Rules, Guidelines And Application Tips

General Tips for applying:

The Iceland Writers Retreat Alumni Award is fiercely competitive and so it is important to follow all the rules to the letter. That’s the only way to increase your chances of winning the writing award.

  • to be considered. ensure that your application is complete
  • Applications cannot be edited after they’ve been submitted.
  • The quality of your writing is most important, consideration.
  • Everyone loves Iceland, but that shouldn’t be the only reason you want to attend. In your application, explain why the literary event and the current faculty appeal to you. Research about the Iceland Writers Retreat and show the judges that you know what it’s about. The workshops in 2019 focus primarily on literary fiction, non-fiction, and memoir. Send only prose samples..
  • Maximum word count for writing samples is 1000 words.
  • Clearly explain why you can’t afford the event and why you need support.
  • Choose referees who have read your work. Higher markers are often given for references  written specifically for the Iceland Writers Retreat. Applications which don’t include appropriate references will be disqualified. All reference should be sent alongside your application.

Deadline for applications is Tuesday, 31 October, 2018. Midnight. Recipients will be announced on the 3th of December, 2018.

Click to apply for the Iceland Writers Retreat Alumni Award

Good luck.



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