New Awesome Book Alert: Going Short, An Invitation to Flash Fiction by Nancy Stohlman
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New Awesome Book Alert: Going Short, An Invitation to Flash Fiction by Nancy Stohlman

From a notable flash fiction writer, Nancy Stohlman, comes a book on the craft of flash fiction, Going Short: An Invitation to Flash Fiction. The book, which drops October 15, 2020, is a magical thing, packed with smart tips on doing flash fiction well.

So, What’s Going Short About:

From the press release: “Flash fiction is changing the way we tell stories. Carving away the excess, eliminating all but the most essential, flash fiction is putting the story through a literary dehydrator, leaving the meat without the fat. And it only looks easy.”

What would you like to know about flash fiction writing? Nancy Stohlman in Going Short answers some of the very basic but important questions on flash fiction writing. 

Starting with an introduction to what flash fiction is, she takes us through the process of writing flash fiction (confronting a blank page and crafting wonder from the void), as well as the process of sculpting flash fiction, and in the middle of it all, she writes about flash fiction books. 

In a chapter titled “The Story Is Dead! Long Live the Story!”, Nancy writes about the Flash Revolution, drawing examples of revolutions in music and art generally – from France’s rejection of impressionists exhibition in the country in 1873, to the public’s reception of Beethoven’s “Ninth Symphony” when it was first performed. 

To wrap things up, Nancy drops hundred flash fiction prompts.

In Going Short, Nancy shows and not just tells: each chapter is a practice, a flash piece.

What You Should Know About the Author:

Nancy Stohlman has been a writer, editor, publisher, and professor for more than a decade. She’s published multiple books of flash fiction and flash novels including  The Vixen Scream and Other Bible Stories and  Madam  Velvet’s  Cabaret  of  Oddities, a finalist for a 2019 Colorado Book Award. Her work has been anthologized widely, appearing in the W.W. Norton New Micro: Exceptionally Short Fiction, Macmillan’s T he  Practice  of  Fiction, and  The  Best Small Fictions 2019, as well as adapted for the stage. She teaches at the University of Colorado Boulder. 

To inquire about booking Ms. Stohlman for a speaking engagement, please contact her directly:,, Twitter: @nancystohlman.

You can preorder the book here.

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