20 Creative Journal Ideas Guaranteed to Boost Your Productivity as a Writer

Journaling can be a fun and adventurous activity for writers. it kindles the creative part of the brain and gives the writer license to be playful and open. However, getting creative journal ideas can be a challenge.

We want to help you to overcome this problem. In this article, Jyothi will be exploring how to get creative journal ideas. How to make your journal the creative world of fun you want it to be. A writer’s journal is expected to transport its reader into a world that’s full of magic notes and heart-wrenching anecdotes.

Why Is It Important to Keep A Journal?

Many accomplished writers kept and still keep journals. From Virginia Woolf to Franz Kafka, Anne Frank to Sylvia Plath- there are few creative heads out there who did not inherently know the benefits of keeping a journal with creative ideas.

So, are you thinking of keeping a journal too? Great! But what do you do on those bad days when you don’t know what to pen down? When you can’t think of creative things to write in a journal? Leave a page blank? Well, you could. Or, you could get a little creative by having journaling ideas.

There are tremendous benefits of keeping a journal. From boosting creativity to enhancing your mood, and so much more.

Before we share those creative journal ideas, here are some top journaling benefits you should know:

  • It helps you improve your moods. Journaling is an excellent way of penning down thoughts, priorities, problems, and even their solutions! It helps you unburden your daily life problems or issues.


  • The process of journaling also boosts your cognitive abilities. It increases your memory capacity and comprehension skills.


  • Journaling helps you articulate your thoughts and feelings. This is not only good for your moods but also acts as a stress buster.


  • It boosts your creativity. You can use your journal to jot down creative ideas. Later on, you can get back to those ideas and work upon them, creating your next masterpiece!

David Sedaris, the author of famous novel Holidays on Ice, observed- “I’ve been keeping a diary for 33 years and write in it every morning. Most of its just whining, but every so often there’ll be something I can use later: a joke, a description, a quote. It’s an invaluable aid when it comes to winning arguments. ‘That’s not what you said on February 3, 1996,” I’ll say to someone.”


So now that you know the benefits of journaling, you are ready to get started!


Here are 20 creative journal ideas that will instantly boost your productivity.

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You can say goodbye to the old ‘writer’s block’! Just whip out your journal, and get started on these unique journal ideas! These unique ideas would show you that there are a lot of creative things that one can do in a journal.


Write Lyrics of A Song To Describe Your Mood

You will consistently have those gut-wrenchingly dull days when you don’t know what to write.

Relax, it’s normal! How about opening up your journal and just penning down the lyrics of a song? It could be a song you like, a song you just heard, a song which makes you nostalgic.

It could even be a song to describe your current mood- lonely, bored, or demotivated! Just write.

The process of writing, the flow of your pen, your fingers are moving of their own accord. All of this does something beautiful to your brain. It gets the creative juices flowing!


Write About Your Favorite Memory As A Child

Anthony Doerr, who wrote a heartfelt novel called All The Light We Cannot See- loves journaling!

Doerr believes that a good journal entry is like ‘a love letter to the world.’ It’s like a song, a photograph, or a sketch. It helps the memory to live on forever, through your words.

If you have a favorite memory of yourself as a child, use that as a journaling idea. You might even end up finding an excellent plot for a novel! Who knows?


Describe An Idea for Launching Your Product

Indeed, you have heard of Albert Einstein and Marie Curie. Or maybe Charles Darwin? What do all these visionaries have in common, other than a brilliant mind? Well, all of these extraordinary intellects believed in the benefits of journaling.

When a creative writer pens down their thoughts and ideas in a journal, no matter how mundane, they create a wealth of knowledge. We are lucky. We can take a look at these journals anytime now, over the internet. Who says that you can’t be the next visionary? Jot your ideas in your journal, and see how things roll!


Write A Review of Your Favorite Novel

So you don’t feel creative enough to write a plot for your book? No problem!

How about writing a book review of one of your favorites? Or maybe something you recently read.

It can be an excellent exercise for your mind, as well as help you oil up the creative motors and get them running again!


Write Down 3 Things That You Are Thankful For

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There’s nothing like sitting down with good thoughts and feeling warm inside. So you’re having a bad day (or week or month)? Indeed, you still have a few things you feel grateful for?

Maybe your beautiful bookshelf. Or perhaps it’s your pet. It could even be a beautiful view of your garden. On days when you lack inspiration, creating a gratitude list could do wonders. To your mood and creativity, both!


Describe An Animal of Your Creation

Is today one of your creative days? If yes, then make full use of it. Whip out your journal and get the creative ideas rolling! Create an animal entirely out of your imagination. How do you think Dr. Seuss made all his whimsical, imaginative creatures? Maybe you could come up with one too.


Draw A Picture of You And More,

Now, you might not be the next Vincent Van Gogh, that’s true! Van Gogh and Frida Kahlo were one of the most prominent artists to create stunning self-portraits. But you don’t have to have them in mind when doing this project.

Be as Picasso as you want! Just draw a portrait of what you think are your defining features, and see what comes out of the project.

However, you shouldn’t stop at drawing a picture of yourself. Feel free to explore other creative arts ideas for your journal. There are tons of creative arts prompt journal ideas you can explore.


Pen Down A Horrible Experience You Had Recently

Your journal isn’t just a place for happy thoughts. It is your safe place, your therapist, your silent friend. If you have recently had a bad experience and can’t tell anyone about it, write it down. This will help you put down into words what you are feeling.

The experience is freeing, and also enables you to organize your thoughts. Anne Frank would turn to her diary every time she had any thoughts, experiences, or feelings. Frida Kahlo did the same, as did many other personalities.


Write a Few of Your Favorite Inspirational Quotes

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Inspirational quotes do just that- inspire and motivate you. Whether you look up to Steve Jobs, Tolstoy, or Plato- a few words of inspiration can do wonders. The days you feel entirely uncreative, jot down a few inspirational quotes from people you admire. It will help you gain wisdom and insight into your own life.


Jot Down Your Goals for the Week

How do you take the next steps if you don’t know where to start?  One of the most straightforward exercises to help you come about unique idea so for you your journal can be to jot down your goals. Even better, check them off as you get them done. This helps you gain perspective, vision, and helps you feel fulfilled.


Try and Recreate A Famous Painting in Your Style

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The best artists began their work by copying other artists they look up to. People have been doing this for generations. Not only does it help inspire you, but it is also an excellent brain exercise.

If you have a few favorite paintings, be it Van Gogh’s Starry Night, or Edvard Munch’s The Scream, great! Bring out your paints and brushes and recreate the painting! You can always play around with colors, textures, and styles. All you need is just to get started- you’ll end up creating your masterpiece!


Write about A Historic Event Which Shook You

This is a great way to get your creative juices flowing. It also exercises your memory, your comprehension skills, and helps you practice writing. Whether it is the 9/11, Hiroshima Nagasaki, or The Holocaust. On days when you have nothing else to write, use this as inspiration.


Describe Challenges You Face regularly

Finding creative ways to journal can be difficult but once you start writing about the problems you face daily, you can begin identifying the solutions as well.

There is no better way to gain clarity and perspective on issues- than to write them down.

Whether its challenges you face at home, new challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic, or work challenges, write about it!


Another Creative Journal Idea: Jot Down A Unique Idea for a New Blog Post

If you are a budding blogger or writer for an online literary magazine, this is an excellent idea for you!You will have days when you don’t know what to post on your blog.

For days like these, it is good to have a repository of blog ideas. Whenever you get some ideas for new blog posts, jot them in your journal for a rainy day.


Write About Your Self-Care Tips

Do you follow a night-time routine for your face and skin? Maybe you take special care of your hair and nails on weekends.

Or your self-care could be you relaxing, practicing yoga, and meditation. Whatever it is, please write it down in your journal.

You could even create a schedule to remind you of the days you need to take special care of yourself. Dedicate an hour every night to your self-care routine for your mental and physical well-being.

Even writing in your journal is self-care.


Recall Your Dreams. (Yeah, It’s One Of The Most Overlooked Creative Journal Ideas.)

Diary ideas Record your dreams
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If you have vivid, eventful dreams, you are lucky! Of course, most of us don’t remember our dreams once we wake up. Keep a dream journal where you write down your dreams every day.

You might even have dreamless nights sometimes. On those days, you can do any of the other tips mentioned above.

Keeping a record of your dreams can help give meaningful insight into your personality. Famous psychologist Sigmund Freud always encouraged keeping a dream journal.


Write About Your Ideal Job

You may always be living out your dream life with your dream job. If so, then excellent! Write about your experiences at work, your colleagues, and your thoughts about your future. If not, then this is an excellent thought experiment for you:


Write about your dream job in your journal.

Have you always wanted to be a painter or a doctor? Maybe a vet? Or is your dream job opening up your own company? Writing about your dreams and goals helps you visualize the steps better.

You can manifest it and make it a reality. Start by describing what you want. Where you are, about to get into school? Waiting on admission? Already in school? Graduated? Whatever it is, start there, and Only then will you figure out how you want to get there.


Write A Letter To Your Favorite TV Personality

We all have someone we love to watch on TV. For you, it may be Oprah. It could be the President of your country or just an actor who is drop-dead gorgeous! What would you say if you suddenly met them? It would be horrible if you just froze, right? Well, write a letter to them! Maybe if you are resourceful enough, you could even send it to them!


Jot An Idea For A Novel You Want to Write Someday

If you love to read and write, then you have undoubtedly thought about writing your novel.

Of course, writing is easier said than done. However, creating an informal draft, for your eyes only, can be a great start. You don’t need to sit for creative writing lessons.

Write down the plot of your novel, maybe a chapter or two. Take it on from there. You could just come up with the next bestseller. If not, it’s a great way to get creative ideas for your journal.


Design A Character Sketch to help boost creative ideas for your journal

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Finally,  a character (animated, drawn, or in words) is a great exercise. Start by writing their name, age, profession. Where do they live? Are they married? Do they have pets? What color eyes?

 Design your character, putting in as much detail as you can. This exercise is fantastic for your creativity. However, you could also come out with a great character you can use for a book, comic, or cartoon!

We all get stuck sometimes, even the prominent writers you admire! Instead of feeling stuck and suffocated, this is the right time to let those creative juices flow. You never know, one day, your journal might be one of the most coveted items on earth.

Wrap Up On 20 Creative Journal Ideas That Boost Writers’ Productivity.

While these creative journal ideas are sure to get you back into your groove, you can always read the diaries of writers and other personalities who you admire. You might find some great tips in them, and even get inspired for your next journal idea!


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