Get Over 100 Free Writing prompts

Writer’s block can be very annoying especially when you need some inspiration to write and none is forthcoming. You can inspire your writing and get those creative fluids flowing again when you use really creative writing prompts. Check out this new eBook  by JJ Taylor’100 writing prompts for modern women’ we think you will like.

It has 100 writing prompts aimed specifically at modern women, which makes it rather unique! This e-book is currently on promo so you can get it free on Amazon. Get the inspiration you need. Get the E book now that it is free.

Miriam David

Miriam is a creative writer, short story blogger, editor and contributor on . She is an alumnus of the great University of Benin, a philosopher and an aspiring author of best sellers to come. When she is not writing, she is either working, keeping up with social media trends,reading novels, listening to good music, seeing movies or dreaming up stories.

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