Disorder Press is Currently Accepting Manuscripts/ How to Submit  (Award: Cash Advance +: Book Deal)
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Disorder Press is Currently Accepting Manuscripts/ How to Submit (Award: Cash Advance +: Book Deal)

Disorder Press is currently accepting manuscript submissions. If you think your book is ready to hit the bookshelves, send it out for consideration. It just might find a home in this prestigious publishing house.

Disorder Press is a sibling-owned literary press run by Mik & Joseph Grantham based in New Orleans, LA. They publish fiction and poetry with an emphasis on works that defy easy categorization. In 2017, their first release, Memory Foam by Adam Soldofsky, was a recipient of an American Book Award, and since then they have cultivated a dedicated underground following in the independent literature community.

Disorder Press is currently accepting submissions in fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction! They are giving this opportunity to many writers across the globe. This is your chance to getting published!

Disorder Press

Eligibility for Disorder Press Submissions


  • Submissions are free. There are no payments to enter your story.
  • More so, Disorder Press publishes only poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction. Do not send in anything outside these.
  • Also, it is important to note that there are no restrictions on age and nationality.
  • If you have a good story, submit.

Submission Guidelines

  • To submit, send an email us to: hello@disorderpress.com
  • More so, the organizers seek extremely good writing that pushes the boundaries of conventional genres.
  • No genre restriction was mentioned. So you can send in any genre of choice.
  • In relation to submission, replies to submissions will only be given in the form of acceptances. However, you may freely submit to them as many manuscripts as you’d like.
  • Furthermore, The Press are only able to publish 1-2 books a year and this policy helps them give the necessary attention and care they owe their authors.




Also, if you’re confused on how to apply and need tips, then this article can help! Good Luck!

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