Word West Revue/ Call for Submissions (Pay : $175)
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Word West Revue/ Call for Submissions (Pay : $175)

Word west revue calls for submission of various forms of literary work.

Word West Revue is a new journal that seeks a broad range of art for publication. They want fiction, nonfiction, poetry, video submissions, and photography.

Word west revue is a home for western-y writing and art and a whole lot more. a place to reimagine ‘the west’ and ‘westerns’ from new angles, overlooked perspectives, in both analogue + digital. They are into subversion and surprise. They are into road trips and weird americana, ufos and cosmic country—from the mountains to the deserts to the beaches to the plains. Go west-ish.

Word West Revue


West Word Revue is looking for writing and art and whatever else you’ve got that engages with and reimagines the ‘west.’

Ideally, you or your work will have some connection to the western U.S.A, but this theme is wide open to your interpretation (though their print issues will be more focused and western-y than online, which will be more free-wheeling). They like intersections and echoes, mythos and symbolism, and perspectives not as often seen.” There is also a word west radio, and videos. Pitches for online content (reviews, interviews, etc.) will always be accepted, and they plan to have two annual reading periods for the print magazine. They also have a press.The deadline is 15th of November, 2022.



Eligibility for Word West Revue

  • No submission fees. The entry is totally free
  • 1 submission per submission window.
  • submissions will be open twice / year: september 15 – november 15 & march 15 – june 15.
  • Entries from across the world are welcome, but your entries must have something about the west.


Submission Guidelines

  • Pitches for online content (reviews, interviews, etc.) will always be accepted.
  • Sim-subs is acceptable, however, alert the organizers if a piece is accepted elsewhere.
  • 5k words or less for prose. Up to 5 poems for poetry.
  • Pieces are read for both online and print.
  • They aim to respond in 9-12 wks for print. Online subs will likely be responded to sooner.
  • They accept up to 5,000 words for prose, and up to 5 poems.
  • Submissions are to be made via Submittable



Pay Rate


  • $100 for each accepted print piece.
  • $25 for each accepted online piece.
  • $50 for videos


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