The Quinn Alexandra Scholarship / Call for Submission
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The Quinn Alexandra Scholarship / Call for Submission


The Quinn Alexandra Scholarship was established by Wide Open Writing.
Wide Open Writing recognizes the need many writers have to escape their rooms, their jobs, their families, their cities, their states, and sometimes their countries to immerse themselves inside a creative space. And to do so within a safe community of other writers exploring new vistas.

The Quinn Alexander Scholarship
It is in recognition of this need that Wide Open Writing has established The Quinn Alexandra Scholarship. It will be given once a year to a recipient who otherwise might not have the opportunity to experience the wonder and “wow” a Wide Open Writing retreat gives to the soul.

The Quinn Alexander Scholarship will allow one woman per year to choose from any of the upcoming retreats listed on the WOW website. A letter stating how receiving this scholarship would benefit your art, your mental health, your desire to travel and write, and the way in which you will pay it forward in your community once home (i.e., set up a writing group, volunteer work, mentor a young writer) will serve as your application.

So send them your application by December 31st so as to set this next chapter of your life in supported creative motion.

The scholarship recipient will be notified by email February 1, 2022. Recipients will be responsible for their own travel expenses to and from the retreat except when they are included in the tuition cost

Entries should be submitted via the WOW Google doc form


  • The transformational power of words lives within each of us.

  • Creativity is an energy that grows with sharing.

  • They create a safe, nurturing environment where individuals can explore their untapped creativity.

  • Within that environment, you’re given permission and tools to notice what you notice, be present with whatever emerges, and then write about it.

  • They will gather with the intention of bringing light and healing through the sheer power of our words shared together in creative community.

Good Luck!

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