Elergy For Buchi Emecheta
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Elergy For Buchi Emecheta

    Till we meet on the other side


Buchi Emecheta! Where are you?


So I called and called your name.


Until I got a call from Achebe that your worlds are now the same.


Oh why!


Why did you leave me alone?


This used to be our world.


Now it is mine alone.


I still needed your guidance on my journey.


Lioness of African literature.


You stayed through to your dream.


Bold as a lion, feminist cream.


An elephant of confidence.


Your trumpet left a resounding effect.


It caused our pianos to key into the music.


An iroko that never wavered.


You will be much remembered.


Even right now, the ink of your pen


Still sing praises in books.


The sun, the moon, the stars and I


Salute you from this side.


Till we meet on the other side,


No longer will I call


Buchi Emecheta! where are you?

This poem was written by Omoh Bright Sado.


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