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NaNoWriMo It Up

Finally, we have entered November, the novel writing month. Have you started writing yet?

For those who haven’t heard of NaNoWriMo, it is the fastest growing online writing community.

Considering that the idea of writing a novel can seem daunting, joining a npvel-writing community might be beneficial.

Do you have a novel in your head? Have you drawn up an outline for a novel? Why don’t you key into the new NaNoWriMo program designed to help young writers? Who knows how many great novels will emerge at the end of this year’s novelfest?

Literary agent and writer, Nathan Bransford published a stimulating post. The post contains helpful NaNoWriMo Resources. Click HERE for more information.

Readers are welcome to post kind words of advice on the process of writing a novel. 

Happy novel writing everyone!

Best wishes.

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