Pabpub is Currently Accepting Submissions for Cupid’s Daggar/ How to Submit (Prize: Publication & Royalties)

Pabpub is calling for submissions for its Valentine collection of short stories — Cupid’s Dagger.


PabPub is nigeria’s first print-on-demand publisher. It helps authors and publishers to publish and distribute their books globally in ebook and paperback. 

PabPub was created to help undiscovered authors around the world find a platform meant just for them; a healthy and supportive environment to earn, grow and interact with other readers and authors.

The publisher calls on every African writer to send in a short story that narrates their worst Valentine’s Day/ Romance experience.

Pabpub Submissions
Pabpub Submissions Guideline

1. Authors should have or create a pabpub account to qualify for its submissions.
2 Along with their entries, authors should also attach/include a headshot photo of them, their shory bio, their pen name or full name and include their PabPub username in the subject of the mail.
3. Authors must submit their entry on or before the 5th of February, 2023.
4. Author’s entry must contain a title.
5. All entries must be between 1,500 to 7,500 words long.
6. Entries must be narrated in first person, be realistic but not necessarily non-fictionional (can be fiction or non-fiction).

7. Only prose is acceptable.


Terms and Conditions

1. PabPub is not required to publish every short story that was entered.
2. On submitting, the author warrants that they retain the full rights to the story and it does not infringe on the rights of any third party or break any global or national law.
3. The author permits the publisher, PabPub, to publish, sell, distribute, profit from and market their entry as part of the collection in perpetuity in all formats.
4. The book will solely be published and distributed by PabPub and distributed through its store in any platform used by PabPub.
5. In any case that the terms listed here are not sufficient, the terms and agreement associated with each entry relies on the terms and agreements existing in the Diamond book publishing contract, in which case each entry is considered as an individual book. Read the terms of the diamond contract.


Goodluck! Send in more submissions to writing contests here

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