Itanile Magazine Submission for January 2023 Issue is Open/ How to Submit (Payment: Publication)
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Itanile Magazine Submission for January 2023 Issue is Open/ How to Submit (Payment: Publication)

Itanile Magazine submission is open to African writers of Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, Essay, and Poetry for their January 2023 Issue. 

Itanile is a literary brand that provides a platform for African writers to publish stories they want to tell about the African experience. They are committed to developing new audiences for African literature. They also provide a storytelling platform that connects African writers with their readers using digital reading frameworks. Furthermore, they help writers surmount the high cost of traditional print and publishing by using a cost-free digital platform to self-publish.

Itanile Magazine runs an annual award conceived to acknowledge the efforts and commitments of literary creatives in advancing the African experience through storytelling. The awards are specifically for accepted writers of the Itanile Magazine Submission period. Moreover, the award is in five categories: Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, Essays, Poetry, and the Chapbook Award. The winner(s) in each category will receive $200 each.

For the January 2023 issue of Itanile magazine submission, entries of any theme or genre are generally welcome, nonetheless, they are particularly interested in works that explore individuality in a world dominated by group identities. Group identities could also be cultural, religious, familial, ethnical, national, continental, or classic in nature. What does it mean to belong to an in-group without inhibiting the individual? They want to read stories and poems that particularly explore, among other things, the trade-offs between the individual and the collective, the daily forces that prompt individuals to blend in with their in-groups, to break away, or to find a compromise.

Submissions Guidelines for Itanile Magazine Submission

  • Submit 2 – 4 poems of any length (single poems are not allowed) or any prose work under 5000 words.
  • Their editors seek a wide range of styles, forms, and aesthetics.
  • Simultaneous submissions are encouraged. They will verify with you that your work is still available if you are close to being chosen for publishing.
  • All works must be original and in English. In cases where non-English languages (pidgin, Yoruba, and others) appear, you are expected to provide a glossary.
  • Revisions are not allowed to an entry after it has been submitted. The selected writers will be allowed to revise their manuscripts before publication.
  • Published works stand a chance to be selected as winners under different categories of the Itanile Annual Awards, so ensure your entry is eloquently written and properly edited.
  • Submission is strictly through their website. They do not accept email submissions.



Submissions are open from 13th January – 13th February. The longlist will be released on the 22nd of April.

Visit their website for more information on their open calls. Goodluck.

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