The 49th Street Submissions / How to Submit (Payment: N5000-N10,000)
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The 49th Street Submissions / How to Submit (Payment: N5000-N10,000)

The 49th Street Submissions is open to lifestyle, food, travel, photography, blog posts, movies, technical write-ups, think pieces, and music writers in Africa.

The 49th Street are the street to everything African creativity. They bring to you, the best of African music, fashion and art. Thwir brand is African, by Africans and for Africans. They stand for African creativity and are focused on documenting the best of African art and creativity. Now, they seek freelance writers to write on lifestyle, food, travel, photography, blogposts and others. 

Guidelines for The 49th Street Submissions

  1. Specified article length is a minimum of 500 words and a maximum of 1,500. Submissions below the minimum will be rejected while those above will be only be paid for the first 1,500 words.
  2. Their in-house Editors reserve the right to edit any submissions as they deem fit and payment will be made based on the final word count after article passes through their editors’ desks. The editing will however be fair and will only serve to eliminate and adjust words in ways that will ensure the quality of work we desire.
  3. Ensure your writing is eloquent enough to make readers interested.
  4. Freelance writers will be required to submit proposals before being contracted to work on the full length articles.
    1. Proposal should contain the title of the article and the introductory paragraph the writer has in mind.
    2. Only after receiving the green light from their team should any writer go ahead to flesh out the article.
    3. The 49th Street will not be held accountable for articles completed without initial authorization.
  5. Send in your proposals as detailed above to



Writers will be paid on a word length basis with a fixed fee of:

  1. N5000 for 500 – 750 words
  2. N7500 for 750-1000 words
  3. N10,000 for 1000- 1500 words 

If you are interested in submitting, do learn more about the 49th Street. Goodluck.

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