Inuit Art Quarterly Calls For Submissions/ Pitch Guidelines (Payment: $500 – $1,750)
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Inuit Art Quarterly Calls For Submissions/ Pitch Guidelines (Payment: $500 – $1,750)

The Inuit Art Quarterly publishes engaging thoughtful stories, for both the print magazine and their website, from across Inuit Nunangat and beyond that center, the experiences and work of Inuit artists across all mediums. 

They publish a wide range of stories, including artist interviews, historical analyses and personal essays. They prioritize emerging and established Inuit writers. Also, they want to hear from those who identify as BIPOC, disabled, women, queer, trans or non-binary persons or any combination of these intersections.

They are committed to working closely with emerging writers. If you have never been published before but have a story or unique perspective you’d like to share about Inuit artists and their practices, then this call for submissions is also for you. You do not need to have been published before to work with their team.


Submission Guidelines For The Inuit Art Quarterly


  • Pitches should be around 250 words. Your pitch should also outline the highlights of your piece: the subject, artists or artworks you intend to include, what ideas or concepts your feature will discuss, along with any other information you consider relevant.
  • You should also tell them a little about yourself and why you are the person to write this story.
  • For a better idea of the type of stories they love or to see if your idea has already been covered, all IAQ Online content is available for free, and the IAQ offers its print magazine back issues as free PDFS.
  • The IAQ accepts pitches on topics about Inuit artists and their work year-round. Please send open pitches to: and include “Open Call” in the subject.
  • Please note that they prioritize writer’s needs in our process. All writers will be assigned a handling editor who will step you through the process from story idea to final copy.
  • Writers can generally expect two rounds of feedback before signing off on the final draft, which normally takes 6-8 weeks to complete.
  • The IAQ is also happy to provide background materials relevant to your article, including image research and help connecting with experts.
  • For style guidelines, the IAQ uses an in-house style guide. Their style guide is an evolving document, and they welcome feedback from community members, writers and artists.


Additional Information

In addition to their ongoing open call for pitches, they are also looking for stories that fit the specific themes of their upcoming issues and for online. The topics include:

  • The influence of family practices on contemporary art makers.
  • Community perspectives on local artists and their practices.
  • Profiles of emerging artists.
  • New reflections on the history of Inuit art.
  • Explorations on how industry practices such as resale legislation and copyright infringements affect artists’ livelihoods.

Would you prefer to be assigned a story, or want to talk about potential ways to contribute? Please feel free to send along a quick bio and writing sample to:



Eligibility Criteria

  • There are no entry fees.
  • They accept pitches from everyone irrespective of their race, age, gender, nationality, etc.

Pay Rates

The IAQ is committed to offering competitive rates for accepted online and print submissions. 

  • In addition to a complimentary copy of the magazine, writers will be paid $1 per word for both print and online content.
  • $1,750 for feature articles and interviews.
  • $500 for artist profiles and other front-of-book pieces.
  • Word counts for web stories may vary but still honour the same pay rate. Writers are paid by e-transfer the Friday after their invoices are received, unless contributors request alternate arrangements. They do not hold invoices for payment.

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