CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Apply for the Commonwealth Writers & The Gratiaen Trust prose workshop for writers in Sri Lanka
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CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Apply for the Commonwealth Writers & The Gratiaen Trust prose workshop for writers in Sri Lanka

Calling writers of fiction and creative non-fiction. Writers of short stories, novels, creative essays and memoir are all invited to apply.
This workshop is intended for writers who are already working on manuscripts that they would like to revise and develop further. You are invited to submit extracts of these manuscripts (or if composed of short stories, one short story). Selection for the workshop will be made based on these submissions.
This workshop is dedicated to the detailed rigour of writing and revision that goes into making a work stronger. You will participate in group sessions as well as receive one to one mentoring from the workshop leaders. We hope that this workshop will help you to develop the writing you are doing at present, as well as introduce principles and skills you may apply to future writing.
This workshop will take place in two segments: 11-14 May and 18-21 October, with time in between for writers to progress their manuscripts by themselves. Applicants are asked to commit at time of applying to a minimum attendance requirement of 11-13 May and 19-21 October inclusive. The workshop will take place in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The workshop is free to attend and homestay accommodation will be offered by Gratiaen Trustees and Friends to those writers coming from other parts of the country.
Prose writers on the Gratiaen shortlist for 2018 will be offered places on the workshop but writers applying directly to the workshop need not ever have submitted to the Gratiaen Prize. A total of 10-12 places are available on the workshop. The workshop is open to writers over 18 years of age who are Sri Lankan citizens living in Sri Lanka. We will also consider submissions from Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi nationals resident in Sri Lanka. Proof of nationality/residency will be requested if you are selected to participate in the workshop’.
To apply, upload your submission at our online portal:

What you will need to apply:
• Name
• Postal address
• Telephone number
• Email address
• Nationality
• Date of Birth
• Any special requirements you would have
• An indication whether you’d like your work read as fiction or non-fiction
• A writing sample of up to 2500 words – this may be an extract from a longer work or a complete short story. If it is an excerpt please include (within the word count) a short paragraph that situates the extract in the context of the whole work.
• Up to 500 words about yourself and your writing – tell us what experiences of living and working you bring to your writing and more about the sort of writing you do or would like to do. We are much more interested in those things than in lists of awards or accolades.
• Up to 200 words describing what you would most hope to find at the workshop in terms of support for your writing – if we can provide what you are looking for we will!

Please ensure that your writing sample includes page numbers. Please know that if you are selected your writing submissions may be shared in confidence with the rest of the group, for constructive feedback and workshop activities.
If you do not have easy access to the internet yourself it would be best if you make your submissions through someone else’s connection. Because this workshop involves partners in two countries, with tight deadlines for selection and organisation, we regret we are not able to accommodate submissions by post. If you are selected for the workshop we will at that stage require proof of identity and address.
For more information about the workshop and workshop leaders, visit: Gratiaen Trust and CW Workshop Press Release
If you have any questions please contact We would be glad to hear from you even if it is to express an initial interest and follow up with your submissions later.


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