I know most children story writers might have, in exasperation, grumbled about how there are fewer opportunities for them in the Literary world. Well, grumble no more- Fairytalez.com is here for you.

You may be wondering- What is “Fairytalez.com?”Fairytalez.com is the internet’s largest collection of fairy tales, folk tales, and stories for children from all over the world. The website features over 2,500 stories and your story could be featured on the site too! With their awesome “selfpublishing feature”, users can submit stories on the website by themselves.

They have also just launched their third competition with the theme ‘Best Gender Swap Fairy Tale Competition’, which this writer finds  interesting and exciting. Can’t wait to read the stories that would be conjured up from it! So hurry and go submit your entry- the winner gets:

  • A digital winner badge for your blog or website
  • A $200 gift certificate to Amazon.co

and lots more.

This writing competition runs from February 26, 2018 to April 6, 2018- shut that little voice telling you you still have time and get to work immediately.

Click   for more of the application details.


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