Call For Personal Essays On Health Issues ($400 Award)
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Call For Personal Essays On Health Issues ($400 Award)

If you are a writer with a health condition or know someone who has a health condition but has refused to let it limit them in any way, this is for you. Folks online magazine is looking to publish personal essays from writers with health issues or writers who have been indirectly affected by a health condition. Folks is dedicated to redefining what ‘normal’ means by telling stories of remarkable people who have not let their lives be defined by an ailment or health condition.

Submission Guidelines

The story must be compelling with a unique hook and take away. Diverse perspectives are welcome.

They pay $400 for exclusive publishing rights to your essay for one-year.

They accept pitches as well as finished essays, though all submissions should contain a strong summary of your proposed article.

They don’t accept a previously published writing.

Examples of previously published articles include topics such as,

How Birdwatching Helps Save Me From Chronic Pain
When Lupus Happens To You
How The Beatles Helped Save Me From Brain Cance

To pitch your essay, send an email at In your email, write a bit about yourself, including the condition you want to write about, where you’ve been published before (if applicable). In a few paragraphs, write what your essay is about, and what you want readers to take away from it. If they are interested, you will be contacted within a couple of weeks.

If you have already written your essay, attach it along to your pitch. However, your email should still contain a strong summary.

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