Stanchion Zine Submissions / How to Apply (Payment: $5 + Physical Publication)
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Stanchion Zine Submissions / How to Apply (Payment: $5 + Physical Publication)

Stanchion Zine is calling for Prose and Poetry writers to the ‘Away From Home’ anthology.

We’ve all had that moment: you’re visiting someone’s home and you realize something is different. Maybe it’s the way they pray or eat, or even smell. To celebrate and explore these moments, Stanchion is presenting a stand-alone anthology entitled Away From Home, and they are calling for submissions in the form of short stories, poems, and creative non-fiction about how sharing the intimacy of someone else’s home can take us beyond our boundaries, give us perspective, and let us reflect on where we came from. They are looking for insightful writing that gives them your interpretation of all the different ways this moment finds us.

Guidelines for Stanchion Zine Submissions

  • All submitted work, whether new or previously published, should be the original work of the submitting author.
  • Authors are limited to one submission in one genre. Only the first submission sent by each author will be considered
  • Please email submissions to:

  • Use the subject: [Genre] Submission–[Last Name] (For example: Poetry Submission–Smith)

  • Cover letters are welcome but not required. Accepted authors will be asked to provide a brief bio upon acceptance.

  • Genre Specific Guidelines:

Short Fiction

They are looking for writing that brings them into the room with characters who feel vibrant, complex, and alive. Interpret the anthology theme with a spectrum of stories that are reflective, melancholic, celebratory, or comic. Learn how to write inspiring stories for Stanchion Zine Submissions. 

  1. Stories of any length, up to 5,000 words
  2. Please use standard formatting (double-spaced, Times New Roman or Arial font, numbered pages)


They want poems with vivid imagery and intentional use of language. They are open to poems of any form or style but are likely to give preference to poems that clearly inhabit the anthology’s theme. Learn about the best ways to write fitting poetry for submission.

  1. Submit up to three poems, or a total of six pages.
  2. If submitting translations, it must be a translation of your own original unpublished poem(s) and accompanied by the original.
  3. Poems can be formatted according to author preference.

Prose (Essay)

Send them prose that invites readers into your experience and shares what feels urgent about their theme. They want you to guide them to places they have never been, then show something that feels familiar.

  1. Essays of any length, up to 5,000 words
  2. Please use standard formatting (double-spaced, Times New Roman or Arial font, numbered pages)
  3. They are open to all forms of literary essays, but they believe the anthology’s theme would be best suited to memoirs, lyric essays, personal essays, flash, literary journalism, and travelogs.
  4. They are unlikely to consider thesis-driven, analytical essays, and will not consider book reviews.


Those selected for publication will receive a nominal payment of $5 plus a complimentary physical contributor’s copy of the anthology mailed to them. Selected pieces will also be considered for Stanchion’s Pushcart Prize and Best Small Fiction nominations.


Submissions are open from May 1st to May 31st 2023.

If interested, learn more about the submission process on Stanchion Zine website. 

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