HipLatina/ Calls for Writers (Rates: $50 – $150)

HipLatina is an online magazine that amplifies Latinx stories and voices covering entertainment, news, culture, wellness, and the Latinas making a difference.

HipLatina has some clear ideas about what works and what doesn’t and what is going to drive traffic and help them grow. They are specific about their content and they expect writers to know this.

HipLatina Submission  Requirements

HipLatina has specific requirements for the content on their site, and as such, it is prerequisite that one knows what they want before pitching. Here are a few:

  • Has this been written about before? If so, what am I contributing to this conversation?
  • Everything that is pitched should be original content. Research your pitches before sending them in, to ensure you are covering it from a new angle if it’s a topic that has been written about before.
  • Think about the news and trends. Pitches tied to relevant and timely topics tend to do better, even if it’s evergreen content. Always keep our mission and target readers in mind!
  • Before each pitch, ask yourself: “Is this a thoughtful, engaging perspective that empowers, inspires, or entertains Latinas? Why would someone click to read this vs. everything else competing for their attention on the Internet? When pitching breaking news, keep the audience in mind and the unique reporting angle they can provide.
  • An average trending article should be between 400-600 words.
  • Features/Essays should be between 1000-1500 words.
  • Each item in a listicle needs at least 75 words.
  • Intros should be at bare minimum 100-150 words but try to hit 300 words.


Pitching Guidelines

  • Pitch relevant and timely content that would resonate with their readers
  • Tell them why this story works for HipLatina.
  • Pitch a story you can write and provide a unique angle on.
  • Make sure you can write the story in a timely manner before pitching.
  • Provide work samples and why YOU’RE the person to write this story.
  • Don’t pitch a trending story unless you can provide a unique angle.
  • Don’t pitch something they have already covered.
  • Refer to the email format (below) before sending your pitch.
  • Don’t submit completed work – this is PITCHES ONLY
    Subject: Suggested Headline
  • Pitch that includes sources, if applicable, WHY it’s a good fit for HipLatina, the format (essay, feature, news article etc) and when you expect to be able to submit it.
  • Please also include a little bit about your writing experience and why you want to write this.
  • All pitches should be sent to to [email protected]



  • Rates: $50 – $150 with a potential for more if it requires extensive reporting

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