Phoenix Quill Writing Contest 2020/How To Submit (Prize: N100,000 + Publication)

As of 1st September 2020, Phoenix Award Book Publication (Pabpub) in conjunction with Earnest Writes Publishing and Saharan Gait as well as Agbalumo Editors would commence accepting submission for it’s 2020 Phoenix Quill Writing Contest. This year, the contest is bigger and better.

Pabpub is an online publishing platform which has the aim to promote African writers through their online Application “PABPUB “ which can be found in the google playstore. Pabpub was launched in December 2018 and had since then published over fifty African stories on its platform.

The deadline for the 2020 contest is 31st October 2020 and the theme for this contest is Bounty Hunt.

The Phoenix Quill Writing Contest is a unique kind of open contest which involves writing and publishing your book. In this contest, your book will be evaluated by the readers and judges review simultaneously.

There will be one winning book, and ten runners-up. One author can enter up to two winning books. Amazing, right?

Who is Eligible For The Phoenix Quill Writing Contest.

1. There is no restriction of age on Application.

2. Entry is totally free.

3. Eligible to citizens of any African country.

4. Any Genre is acceptable.

5. If your submission has been published by pabpub in either Diamond or Crystal Contract then it should not be used for the contest.

Phoenix Quill Writing Contest

Submission Guidelines

1. Open an account on the Pabpub App or via Website.

2. Go to the submission page, start a new submission and click on Contract Type Phoenix Quill.

3. Thoroughly edit your work before submission. Do not send in your first draft.

4. Entries must be completed stories. However, you can submit a yet-to-be completed story, but make sure complete the story before the deadline arrives.

5. Make sure to use your Pabpub page and your social media to promote your work for more engagement as engagement can earn you a cash prize.

6. Do not be involved in malpractice such as lobbying a judge or administrator or purchasing fake reviews. Attacks on other bounty hunters would also not be acceptable.

6. While the contest is on, the entrants are not required to take their works down from other platforms, however if your work is accepted by pabpub for Diamond or Crystal Publishing, then you would be asked to take your work down from other platforms.

7. Your story must be a minimum of 5,000 words.

8. Entries would be judged based on Plot, Pathos, narration, description, professionalism and content.

Prizes to be won by participating in the Phoenix Quill Writing Contest.

The Winner gets:
1. Publishing Contract (Crystal or Diamond) with N30,000 royalty advance. Courtesy of Saharangait.
2. Free editing service and private critical review of the winning book. Courtesty of Agbalumo Editors.
3. Youtube Interview, Promotion, video and written review. Courtesy of Earnest Writes Publishing.

First Runner Up:
1. Publishing Contract (Crystal or Diamond) with N20,000 royalty advance. Courtesy of Saharangait.
2. Promotion and Written review Courtesy of Earnest Writes Publishing.

People’s Choice for most engaging book receives N5,000 cash award. Courtesy of Earnest Writes Publishing.

A publishing contract could be offered if the book is completed and has up to 3 points in the judges rating.

3rd to 9th Runners-up
Publishing Contract (Fluid or Crystal) with N5,000 royalty advance. Courtesy of @pabpub and @saharangait
Discounted editing services. Courtesy of @agbalumoeditors
One author can grab up to 3 rewards if they enter 2 books in the contest. One author could simultaneously bag Winner, 1st Runner Up and People’s Choice at the same time and win N55,000 royalty advance along with each of the rewards attached.

Phoenix Quill Writing Contest

The Sponsors

1. Saharan Gait, an ICT based organization responsible for the development of Pabpub App.
2. Agbalumo Editors , an editing company. That has edited multiple award winning stories.
3. Earnest Writes Publishing is a Book Publishing platform that stands to create a safe space for its customers.



  • )hita Afeisume

    Oct 20, 2020 at 10:10 am

    I wish to open an account with the website to submit my story but it is not clear to me what exactly to do. Could you please explain? I shall be grateful.


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