Other Worlds Ink Anthology/ How To Submit (Award: $300)

For their 2020 Anthology, Other Worlds Ink is themed: Fix the World and they are looking for stories that depict a near future world (Earth) that is better than the world we are in today.

A more improved world in all aspects. Show a world post-climate change, where peace has been made with the planet. Or a world where past racism are moved into a broader understanding of the connectedness of all the races of humanity. How about one where gender no longer matters? Or where borders are no more.

World ink is not looking for preachy. All they want is realistic depictions of the Earth that could be, even it it’s not perfect.

Whatever fix you choose does not have to be the main plot – in fact, it’s probably better if it isn’t. But it should be very clear in the story – how we got from here to there.

The world is broken. Fires, hurricanes, famine and disease haunt the land. We all need a little hope.


Submission Guidelines for Other Worlds Ink.

  • The story sent in should be a minimum of 5,000 words and a  Maximum of 15,000 words.
  • There is no restriction on age that is set, so long as you can deliver a good story, then what are you waiting for?
  • Entry is free.

Others Worlds Ink



The standard format that should be used when submitting is the following:

  • 1 Inch Margins
  • Font: Times New Roman 12 Point
  • Double spaced
  • Half inch indent at start of each paragraph (please do not use tabs for this)
  • Otherwise they not all that picky. No cover letter is needed
  • . Please include a short one paragraph summary of what your “fix” is.
  • Simultaneous submissions are  unacceptable at Other Worlds Ink.
  • Send your submissions to [email protected] with the subject line: Submission: Fix the World


Flat Fee:

  • 5,000-8,000 – $75
  • 8,000-12,000 – $100
  • 12,000 – 15,000 – $125


Rights: 12 months exclusive print rights; additional 24 months non-exclusive. Sunsets at 36 months and all rights revert to author.

Due Date: Closes September 30th, 2020.

Publication Date: Winter 2020-21:




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