Amazing Young Writers Challenge is Open for Submissions (Payment: Certification + Online Publication)
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Amazing Young Writers Challenge is Open for Submissions (Payment: Certification + Online Publication)

Amazing Young Writers Challenge is open to writers aged 22 or younger to submit creative writing in any form, including stories, poetry, non-fiction, memoir, anecdotes, comic strips, scripts, artwork and more.

According to the host, Christopher Fielden, the Amazing Young Writers Challenge was launched when he was contacted by Mahvish Noman, an arts teacher at a school where 95% of the students are underprivileged children. He was asked if he would publish some poetry written by their students. After a bit of back and forth by email about the best way to do this, he decided to launch this challenge.

The aims of the Challenge, specified by Christopher, include:

  • Experience & Encouragement

The primary aim of the challenge is to give young writers the opportunity to see their writing published and read by a global audience. He hopes this will offer every young author that submits valuable experience and encouragement to keep writing and being creative throughout their lives.

  • Learning

The 100 word limit is educational. Having so few words to play with makes a writer consider every word they use carefully, meaning they learn the art of editing. Once learned, this skill can be applied to longer works, making them more engaging to read.

  • Celebrating Diversity

Anyone living in any country can submit to this challenge. He hopes that means we are able to celebrate a diverse variety of voices from around the world via the challenge.

Submissions Guidelines for the Amazing Young Writers Challenge

  • Only 100 words maximum is accepted.
  • Any type of creative writing is accepted, including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, comics and all other forms of written work
  • This challenge is for writers up to (and including) 25 years of age, living anywhere in the world
  • Only 1 entry per writer
  • Ensure there is no offensive words, partucularly profanity please
  • By submitting, you accept the terms and conditions
  • Submit your story by email to or use the comment form at the bottom of this page
  • Please be sure to include:
    • your name (full name or first name or penname is fine)
    • your age
    • the country you live in
    • the name of your school or the educational establishment you currently attend (this will not be made public – it’s to check you are a student)
    • your piece of writing (please include a title)
  • Submissions are welcome from teachers, parents, guardians or the writers themselves.
  • If you are submitting on behalf of your children / students, please let Chris know when you submit.
  • Any type of writing is accepted – there is absolutely no limitation, so please let your imagination run wild!



  • Every writer published via this writing challenge will receive a Certificate of Publication in jpeg format. 
  • Your creative writing will be published on the website.


The challenge is open indefinitely, as stated by the host on the website. 



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