Yellow Seeds Magazine is Accepting Pitches/ How to Apply(Pay : $50)
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Yellow Seeds Magazine is Accepting Pitches/ How to Apply(Pay : $50)

Everyone holds a mustard seed (an idea) which they believe is true. The issue with our society is a lack of understanding for one another. Yellow Seeds Magazine aims to change that.


Yellow Seeds Magazine is a new online publication featuring “non-partisan think-pieces that question our cultural conversations to humanize our complexities as people.” They are looking for fresh ideas. Their editor has tweeted,

I’m the new editor, and want to read what *you* think about our various cultural conversations.”

For every creative writer, the dream is to be able to have your voice heard through your writings. Yellow Seeds Magazine understands that, and aims to publish heart-felt essays on issues that are not spoken about enough. They have opened their submission window to accept pitches from writers everywhere.

Eligibility for Yellow Seeds Magazine 

The magazine is open to entries from writers across the globe.
There is no restriction on age.
Pitching is absolutely free.

Yellow Seeds Magazine

How To Pitch

  • They only consider 700-800 word essays.
    Clearly Address the ‘why’ you are exploring or questioning. 
  • Let your write up reflect the questions before diving in deep.
  • Show relevance to today’s cultural conversation. Let your submission reflect an issue that needs to be heard.
  • Hyperlinked sources should be mentioned IN your essay.
  • No ad-hominen attacks, profanity usage, or overly explicit language.
  • Ensure that your work is thoroughly edited and has no mistake.
  • Let your essay be an original work of yours, no plagiarism will be tolerated.
  • No hostile arguements against a political party.
    Also, include the following in your e-mail:
  • 2-3 writing clips.
  • A short bio (1 PARAGRAPH)

Yellow Seeds Magazine


  • Yellow Seed Pays $50 per essay. 

While applying for this, there are so many other magazines, online journals and sites that you can apply to. If you’re interested, follow these tips to help pitch well and make sure to apply! Good luck!

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