Nanoism/ How to Submit (Flat Rate; $5+ publication+ E-book)

Nanoism is a twitterzine, an online publication focused on nanofiction, which in this case refers to stories that clock in at a maximum of 140 characters (conforming to the original inherent limitations of the Twitter service).

@Nanoism accepts all genres of prose. However, they are most interested in literary fiction—stories that move them. They are looking for staying power: pieces that leave an impression disproportionate to their length.


Submission Guidelines For Nanoisim 


  • Please submit only one story per week: they want your very best! However, they are willing to accept previously published “tweets”—just provide them with a link. They are interested more in quality in the story, than exclusivity.
  • Send stories of up to 140 characters(including spaces!) in the body of an email to [email protected]. Include your name, third-person bio (up to 134 characters), and subject line: “Nanoism Submission”
  • They don’t need titles, as they won’t be including them during publication. No attachments, please.
  • Rights: You own your story and can do with it whatever you wish after publication. They do retain the right to keep the story in their archive and to include it in future anthologies, electronic and/or print. By submitting you agree to give Nanoism these rights if published.
  • Response Times: They do their best to respond within two weeks. If you don’t hear back within three months, then it may have been lost en route—send it again (via email, editor [at] nanoism [dot] net) and let them know what happened.
  • Serials: Nanoism is currently accepting unsolicited submissions for serialized stories. Serials can be between 3-7 segments/episodes/tweets long and can (but do not need to) include a title. Each segment must stand alone as well as form part of the larger narrative. Due to this challenging constraint, they publish very few serials.


 They believe in the importance of being paid—even a token amount—for your work. They pay $1.50 for stories and a flat $5 for serials.
They also include a short bio with your story, and they will gladly link to your personal site and/or twitter account (just fit it in the bio).
If you plan to submit more stories in the future, they can hold payments until the amount is larger. Additionally, you can donate your commission to Nanoism (they appreciate it!) to help them pay for future stories. If so, they will be sure to send you a complimentary copy of an e-book if it spontaneously creates itself.

If you’d like to support Nanoism, you can do so somewhat effortlessly by clicking this link before shopping at They will earn a small commission on the books and finery you purchase, and nothing happens to you (except for the good feeling inside from supporting a fine digital literary venue).


Do you want to submit, and you are experiencing a writer’s block? This post on creative writing block can aid you! Good Luck! 

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