Fodor’s Travel Is Currently Accepting Pitches / How to Submit (Pay $250 – $400)

About Fodor’s Travel

Are you good at travel writing? Do you want your works published in a prestigious online travel magazine? There is a great opportunity for travel writers to publish their works in Fodor’s Travel and also earn some income.

Fodor’s Travel is a source for expert travel advice. They love buzzy, zeitgeist-y, and newsworthy stories that are told with a bold voice. Fodor’s tells travel stories that excite, inspire, and make their readers want to get out there.


According to their editor, they pay $250 to $400 per story. 

Who is Eligible to Pitch to Fodors Travel

Anyone with an interesting perspective on emerging trends and news, or on the ever changing pandemic protocol. Fodor’s travel also pitches from travel experts with up-to-date advice and recommendations.

Pitch Submission

Interested writers should email their story pitches to: [email protected]

What to Pitch? 

Stories you can write like a maestro. Pitch stories beyond traditional travel features. Keep it fresh, keep it timely—emerging trends and news; ever changing pandemic protocol; and expert, up-to-date advice and recommendations. 

Guidelines on Submitting your Pitch

Below are some guidelines to help your stories have the most positive impact. Your Perspective: 

  1. Consider why you are interested in writing this post. What is your connection to the topic? 
  2. Who is the audience for your post? 
  3. Have you identified any potential biases within your content? 
  4. Have you taken time to research background information or historical context to accurately inform your perspective? 

Note: Before you send your pitch, conduct research to see if we’ve ever published something similar. You can learn more about how to improve your skills, write eloquently, and become more successful as a writer.


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    Nov 2, 2022 at 8:04 pm

    Is this Magazine accept overall country such as Pakistan e.t.c


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