Fiction Attic Press is Accepting Fiction Stories/How to Submit(Pay; $10+)
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Fiction Attic Press is Accepting Fiction Stories/How to Submit(Pay; $10+)

Fiction Attic Press is Accepting Fiction Stories

Fiction Attic publishes weird, wonderful, thought-provoking work online, in print, and occasionally in ebook format. They are looking for fiction writers. You may submit up to three flash fiction or up to five micro-fictions stories at a time. 

They seek flash fiction, flash memoir, personal essays, novellas, novellas-in-flash, and sketchbook stories. Additionally, they released the debut books of Karen Guzman and Magdalena Waz. Jiri Kajane, who has been referred to as “Albania’s second-greatest living writer,” has also had his collected works published in two print anthologies of flash fiction.

They try to notify submitters within 6 months, but it may take much longer because it’s a very small publication. You are always free to submit your story elsewhere while you wait to hear from us.

You authorize Fiction Attic Press to post your work on,, and Substack as well as to publish an audio version of your work there. After three months have passed since the publication of your work in Fiction Attic, you still may publish it wherever you please. They simply asked that you credit Fiction Attic as the book’s original publisher.

Submission Guidelines 

  • For flash fiction, each story should be only 750 words.
  • For micro-fiction, each piece should be only 150 words. 
  • Simultaneous submissions are totally fine. Please, just withdraw your submission and let them know if it is accepted elsewhere.
  • On rare occasions that published works are accepted, as long as you own the rights; you should state it in your cover letter if the story was previously published. 
  • To submit, click here
  • They will consider all stories for publication online at FictionAttic.Com and on our Substack.

Payment for Fiction Attic Press Fiction Stories 

$15 per accepted flash fiction or flash memoir

$10 per accepted group of micro-fictions.

Submit one flash fiction – $2.99 or submit 3 flash fiction -$4.99

Submit three micro-fictions – $2.99 or submit 5 micro-fictions – $4.99

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