Thrillist Website is Currently Accepting Pitches / How to Apply (Pay Over $300)

Thrillist, a website that covers food, drinks, travel, and entertainment, is looking for pitches for its Culture Desk. 

If you are a food, drinks, travel, and entertainment writer, Thrillist website is offering you a great opportunity to share your thoughts on their popular website.

How to Pitch to Thrillist Website

Thrillist editors want “feature stories (at least ~1,000 words) about pop culture that heavily focus on a venue or city, a local community, publicly accessible or behind-the-scenes experiences, and generally anything to do with a location, experience, or food angle.”

Thrillist Guidelines

Stories featured in Thrillist typically fit into one of the following columns or themes:

Location Scout: Reported features speaking with cast, crew, business owners, historians, etc., about how a specific venue or city informed a project.

Need to Know: Profiles of cool, underground, and historic spots—ie., movie theaters, music venues, comedy clubs, art spaces, and more—across the country with fascinating histories.

Festival Circuit: All-things festival related, whether it’s a genre-specific or underrated film festival, an all-new food fest, or a beloved music fest held in a unique location. This column reports on regional events worth knowing about.

Opening Night: Event coverage about the opening night or an early date of an exciting, buzzworthy show—from concert tours and Broadway plays/musicals to special arts performances or comedy gigs.

Local Favorite: Profiles exploring the relationship between artists/bands and the scene that they got their start in, diving into their roots and community.

Pop-culture Places: Profiles of bars, restaurants, hotels, BnBs, and more places that readers can visit themselves that have a pop-culture bent. Essentially, these stories bring attention to everywhere that should make any pop-culture fiend’s dream travel itinerary.

Insider reports: Behind-the-scenes reports from set visits, tapings, live shows, and more.

How to Submit Your Pitches

Interested writers should send their pitches to: 

@leanbutk and @kerensacadenas


Thrillist website will pay successful pitches a fee starting from $300 upward. There are many ways to get story ideas and learn what you can write about.


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