Are you a freelancer, searching for remote job ideas?

Deciding your schedule the way you want, working from any place that has Wi-Fi and being your own boss—here are a few remote job ideas, and some advantages of a remote job.

When working as a blogger or copywriter, you have the best opportunity to work outside of the office and contact your customers online.

Indeed, remote positions and freelance are milestones in today’s job market and progressive young professionals choose them more frequently than full-time options. 

So if you are looking for some ideas and need advice about starting your freelance career/online business, take a look at this list of the best options for the upcoming year.

Remote Work Positions and Job Opportunities for Writers

Marketing copywriter

The main purpose of a marketing writer is to encourage readers to buy products. Companies usually hire remote copywriters to increase sales. As a rule, these writers are required to know the strategies of efficient marketing writing. They compose landing page texts, whitepapers, e-mails, sales texts, etc. Usually, they are paid well.

To start working as a marketing writer, you will have to learn how to compose copies that improve sales first. Your potential clients expect you to already have an idea about how to make their conversion grow with the help of texts.

You might have to work with a remote team of other marketing consultants. If you have the right team communication software, scheduling meetings should be easy and manageable.

Course writer

If you are a professional in one subject or another, you can always systemize your knowledge and share it with others. For money. Course writer is a trend of the upcoming year and a good opportunity for those who are looking for an interesting and well-paid position.

Companies and educational programs may need someone to compose lessons for their courses and if you can boast of being a pro in a particular subject, then this might be a perfect option for you.

The good thing about course writing is that it’s broad. If your background is in cisco engineering, you can still find a job as a course writer in this field. This is an opportunity to consider if you’ve spent most of your time Google-searching for jobs cisco engineer.


Many commercial companies have blogs, where they engage with the audience and share some interesting and valuable information with customers. These articles are mostly informative and work as a part of a general lead generation strategy. These companies are more likely to hire remote writers to save money.

A potential salary for professional writers who tailor blog posts will depend on the quantity and quality of texts. You can make more money if you have enough time and inspiration to write more. One of the most significant benefits of such a job is that it is more permanent and long-lasting than marketing copywriting.

When a marketing project is done, your tasks are over (unless your customers liked your work that much that they are ready to invite you again and again). Like I said earlier, you can blog about topics within your field of expertise, whether it’s medicine, business, technology, or even engineering.


Some services, especially those related to medicine and business, oftentimes need people who will watch videos and convert speech to text. Also, popular YouTube channel owners and online media may hire people to present live podcasts or interviews in a text form.

In a word, you don’t need to strain yourself too much and have any background knowledge to complete such orders. This might be a good start for a beginner, who wants to work as a distant writer but has a lack of specialized skills.

Quiz maker

Have you seen those quizzes your Facebook friends regularly post on their pages? Well, guess what, someone writes them and this could be you.

Tests and quizzes are usually ordered by businesses, bloggers, and educational resources. Some entrepreneurs use them as a form of communication with clients to learn more about their opinion.

Becoming more experienced in this sphere, you will be able to compose well-thought quizzes that are paid really well.


If you know any other language besides English, you can work as a remote translator. A lot of foreign companies want to expand their audience by providing content in English, which is no doubt an international language today. The rarer and more exotic language you know, the larger your payment will be.

As a translator, I expect you to rewrite a text by converting it into another language, saving its stylistic properties and main ideas. To make your texts sound natural, you need to feel the flow, which differs from one language to another.

This job option will suit those who already have sufficient knowledge and perfect language command. Nothing attracts customers that much as a good portfolio and positive feedback.


Editing texts written by other writers requires deep review and revising. When editing, you are expected to find and fix all grammar, stylistic, logical, and other mistakes.

In a word, your aim is to make the content’s quality significantly higher. You need to check if the ideas are relevant and well-structured.

Also, this is your responsibility to make sure that all sentences make sense and work well together. Most editors get paid for the time they devote to the orders.


The work of a proofreader is less deep than editor’s. While an editor needs to make the text better on all levels, proofreader’s work doesn’t require any context changing.

It means that a proofreader has to fix grammar, spelling, and formatting but doesn’t have to work with structure or logic. They don’t go far beyond errors in words and sentences.

Luckily, advanced checking tools are not always enough to fix the documents and sometimes they really need a human touch.

Therefore, you can get hired as a proofreader in a company that needs someone to polish important documents.

Platforms to find Freelance Job Offers

There are many employment sites and platforms for freelancers online. In fact, there are so many of them to confuse a newcomer. To make your search easier and faster, we have composed a list of the most popular and reliable resources you should try:

When you choose to make your passion a source of income, this is always a perfect idea. Getting money when doing something you really like is a blessing.

Finally, on Remote Job ideas

So don’t hesitate to get a writing job and monetize your favorite activity. As you can see, there are many well-paid remote job ideas and options for people who have a good command of language.

Hopefully, this post will make your searching process more pleasant and simple. So get the writing job of your dreams today! Good luck!

About the author:

Jennifer Pauli graduated from Corvinus School of Management and finished the faculty of Journalism at Corvinus University of Budapest. Currently, He is an editor, business writer, and copywriter, working with different well-known companies, blogs, and personalities. Follow her on Twitter, G+ and read the personal blog

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