Chicken Soup for the Soul Is Currently Accepting Stories For Its Upcoming Anthology (Award: $200)  — Apply
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Chicken Soup for the Soul Is Currently Accepting Stories For Its Upcoming Anthology (Award: $200) — Apply

A Chicken Soup For The Soul is calling on writers to submit stories or poems for their upcoming anthology. They are looking for real life stories, not fiction. The anthology is to be a compilation of stories or poems centered on forgiveness. They want stories/poems that talk about how letting go of your anger or frustration made you feel at the end. Did it make you feel like a burden had been lifted off your chest? Are you still holding on to the memory of what the person did, but have let go of your hurt and anger? Do you see yourself still establishing a relationship with the person since you’ve forgiven them? They also want to know just how it feels like to be forgiven, when someone you hurt deeply finds a way to heal and let go of the pain you caused them; how that made you feel.
They are looking for heartwarming, truthful, compelling and emotional stories.

You don’t have to be a professional writer. This might be your first try at writing. Your story is welcome so far it’s written from the heart.
Anyone from any part of the world can apply.

Submission Guidelines For Story Submissions
• Your story should not exceed 1,200 words.
• Fiction, essays, biographies are not welcome. Stories must be original and be about the author’s life.
• Stories must be written in first person.
• Stories should be interesting and exciting. The stories should have a beginning, middle and an end.

Submission Guidelines For Poetry Submissions
 Poems submitted must be meaningful and telling a story centered on forgiveness.
 The poems must be easy to understand and evoke deep emotions in readers.
 Do not bother so much on the rhyming of the poem, but on the story you’re trying to tell with it.

*To submit your story or poem, visit

Anthology contributors would be paid $200 a month after the publication of the anthology and sent 10 free copies of the anthology where their work appears.

30th May, 2019.

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