Uncanny Magazine calls for Fantasy Submissions; (Award: Up to $4,800 per piece) —Submit

Uncanny Magazine is calling for fantasy stories written be writers that identify as disabled. Their definition of disabled is very broad hence, it may be a physical disability, learning disability,, intellectual disability, mental health disability, and neurodiversity. They are not necessarily looking for stories centered on disabilities, although those are also welcome.

“We’re seeking fantasy stories that invite readers to enter worlds they’ve never seen before. We’re looking for immediate and visceral tales of danger, fun and inventive adventures, and fateful journeys to distant lands or to the dragon’s lair in your own backyard. We’re looking for intricate, challenging tales with gorgeous prose, verve, and imagination that elicit strong emotions and challenge beliefs.”

They are open to fiction, essays or well outlined essay pitches and poetry submissions.

– For fiction submissions (750 – 6000 words) $0.8 per word
– For nonfiction (1000-2500 words) $60
– For poetry (no line limits) $30

General Guidelines:
– Do not send your submission to their mail. All submissions should be sent to their Moksha submission system; You would find the link on www.uncannymagazine.com
– Please do not send multiple submissions at once, except it’s poetry and you could send up to five poems.
– Simultaneous submissions submitted at another anthology or market are not welcome.
– You are expected to send a cover letter and it should contain should contain the length of your story, essay or number of lines of your poetry, your significant publishing history and awards, and information that might be relevant to that specific submission.
– Do not feel discouraged if you have little or no publishing history or awards as this does not matter to them.
– Their submission response time is usually within 60days, but you may send a query to uncannymagazine [at] gmail [dot] com if it exceeds 75 days without hearing from them.


Deadline for submissions is 28th February, 2019.

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