26 May, 2024

Register for a free New MOOC on Hidden Meanings in Creative Nonfiction, Nonfiction, & Facts

The International Writing Program (the IWP) at the University of Iowa, with generous support from the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) of the U.S. Department of State, presents a new Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). The course is titled “Hidden Meanings: Creative Fiction, Non-Fiction, & Facts” and is FREE of charge and can be taken on […]

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How Long Is A Short Story?: A Guide On How To Write A Short Story.

The short story form is in high demand. Many writers want to learn how to write a short story. Also, many writers wonder how long is a short story? In this article, Tega explains everything he learned from prolific writer TJ Benson. Wrapped in short story examples are nuggets on short story outlines, elements writing […]

21 mins read

Writing Tips: 6 Easy Ways To Keep Readers Engaged and Hooked On Your Story

How many times have you read a book that just made you go “wow”? The authors of those books have mastered ways to keep readers engaged. I am talking about books (or stories) that make you wow from the beginning until the end. It had you hooked in a way you can’t explain. That is […]

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5 Effective Tips For Overcoming Writers Block—A New Guest Post on Okada Books

I have a new guest post up on the okadabooks blog. It is titled 5 Tips For Overcoming Writer’s Block. If you have been struggling to write for a while, then you probably want to read this post. It’s one thing to know how to create interesting stories. Writing them in a creative way is […]

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Writing Tips: Are You Underestimating The Power Of Layout In Writing?

Ever wondered how to make your work appeal on an aesthetic level? Perhaps you need to pay attention to the layout of the texts on a word and sentence level. Layout in writing will either make or mar your work. Structure and layout in writing also extend to the entire body of work. Does the […]

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How To Teach A Child Creative Writing

Do you want to teach a child creative writing? It is a good idea to teach a child creative writing. It is a rewarding experience when you help children develop communication skills, creativity, and a love for storytelling. Early this month, Brittle Paper published one of my non-fiction articles. It is titled “8 Ways To […]

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How To Write A Short Story: What Components Make A Short Story?

In the course of offering coaching services  and editorial consultation, I have read a lot of stories from talented writers. But often, there is always something missing. You can tell that the writer’s story could win awards if they understood the basics of short story writing. In this post, I’ll like to discuss one secret. What […]

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