Slate Magazine Is Accepting Submissions/ How To Submit (Pay: $350)
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Slate Magazine Is Accepting Submissions/ How To Submit (Pay: $350)

Slate Magazine is an esteemed online general-interest magazine, actively seeking pitches concerning television and cultural topics.

The contact person for these pitches is the senior culture editor, Jenny G. Zhang. Aspiring contributors are invited to engage with Slate’s vibrant platform to share their insights and analyses.

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Submission Guidelines For Slate Magazine

  • Prospective writers are encouraged to immerse themselves in Slate’s distinct voice and explore previously published pieces to grasp the magazine’s style and preferences.
  • It is imperative to conduct a thorough Google search to ensure the proposed pitch offers a unique perspective, steering clear of topics that may have been previously covered in similar veins.
  • Pitches should be a brief summary of any robust argument, supported by diligent research and analysis.
  • While completeness is not mandatory at this stage, a well-rounded understanding of the subject matter is appreciated.
  • In addition to the pitch itself, writers should provide a brief one- to two-sentence biography, highlighting relevant experience or published works that align with Slate’s values.
  • Exclusive submissions to Slate are preferred; however, if simultaneous pitching to multiple publications is unavoidable, please notify them if your work gets accepted elsewhere.
  • Politeness and professionalism are paramount; authors are advised to refrain from excessive follow-up emails, limiting communication to one respectful inquiry.


What They Want

  • Slate thrives on thought-provoking and unconventional arguments that challenge conventional wisdom.
  • Pitches should be articulate, brief, and offer a fresh perspective on cultural phenomena.
  • Reported pieces are highly valued, particularly those that promise insightful revelations derived from comprehensive research.
  • Timeliness and relevance are important. Pitches should resonate with current cultural trends and societal discourse.


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What They Don’t Want

  • Pitches lacking originality or depth, or those that adhere to predictable narratives.
  • Simultaneous submissions to multiple editors within Slate may lead to confusion and are therefore discouraged.
  • Writers should refrain from inundating editors with multiple follow-up emails, respecting their time and workload.


Eligibility Criteria

  • Slate welcomes pitches from writers of diverse backgrounds and perspectives, amplifying voices from various walks of life.
  • Formal CVs are not required. However, a brief biography showcasing relevant experience and published work is appreciated.


Author Rights

  • Writers retain the rights to their work, ensuring creative autonomy and ownership.
  • Compensation is provided upon acceptance of the pitch, with rates starting at $350.



While no specific deadline is mentioned, writers are encouraged to submit pitches in a timely manner, aligning with current cultural discourse and editorial priorities.


Does Slate Magazine Pay Contributors?

Compensation for accepted pitches begins at $350, reflecting Slate’s commitment to fair remuneration for contributors.


Additional Information

  • Writers interested in pitching television and culture topics should reach out to Jenny G. Zhang at
  • For additional guidelines on pitching to other sections of Slate, writers are advised to consult the magazine’s website.
  • Adhering to the provided guidelines enhances the likelihood of successful pitch acceptance, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship between writers and Slate.

Good Luck.


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