Split Lip Magazine is Accepting Submissions / How to Submit (Pay: $75)
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Split Lip Magazine is Accepting Submissions / How to Submit (Pay: $75)

Split Lip Magazine is opening free submissions for Black writers in all genres, in an effort to promote Black voices. All submissions are currently being considered for their monthly online issues.

Feel free to go through their issues to see if they are a good home for your work.


Submission Guidelines For Split Lip Magazine

  • They recommend submitting early in free subs months which are in January, March, May, August, September, and November. Sometimes they have to shut free subs early due to a rad but also overwhelming response.
  • They do not accept submissions in July or from December 15–31.
  • They want to see fresh work that has not been published anywhere before (including your personal blog or website). First-time electronic publication rights are really all they ask for.
  • They would accept one submission per writer at a time, please. That means if you submit a poem, you cannot also submit flash, etc.
  • However, they accept simultaneous submissions. But please withdraw your piece immediately if it gets accepted elsewhere.
  • If your work deals with sensitive or triggering topics, please identify or note them in your cover letter.
  • They do not accept emailed submissions. You have to use their Submittable.
  • If you have some edits to make after you have submitted, withdraw your submission, update it, and re-submit.
  • They know it could be a headache, but they are a small, all-volunteer team. They only have so many heads to hold everyone else’s aches.
  • Any email asking them to correct something in a submission will, as much as it pains them to let you know, be ignored.
  • It will take them up to 16 weeks to let you know if you are in or not. Please don’t forget that they are a small, all-volunteer staff.
  • If your receive a rejection, please wait at least a month before submitting again.
  • Double space your work. Some of their staff needs it for readability. Single-spaced poetry is okay, though.
  • They vastly prefer .doc and .docx files, although a PDF is okay in a pinch.
  • Please do not send them stuff that promotes bigotry and violence.


What They Are Looking For



  • Give them the dirty lowdown. They love memoir that shines a new light on the human condition. There are no limitations on subject matter.
  • Maximum 2,000 words.

Flash Fiction

  • Please send your unpublished short, shorter, or shortest fiction under 1,000 words.


  • Just your very best.
  • Send one (yes, just one) unpublished poem. Please do not send them more than one poem.


  • Send them your best unpublished literary, mainstream, or experimental writing between 1,000 and 3,000 words.
  • Profanity, sex and such are permitted but they will not publish anything tickling the boundaries of pornography. As much as they like sci-fi, romance, mystery and adventure, please, no genre fiction.


Eligibility Criteria for Split Lip Magazine  

  • Split lip magazine requires no submission fee. 
  • Submissions are acceptable from all around the world.


How Much Does Split Lip Magazine Pay Contributors?

They pay (via PayPal) $75 per author for poems, memoirs, flash and fiction.


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